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Halloween tombstone foam crafting

Halloween foam tombstone decoration

For those of us who are into crafting, the Halloween season is the perfect time of year to get creative with a range of materials, including foam. Ranging from detailed costumes and spooky props to indoor and outdoor decorations, you’ll be surprised to learn what can be created with foam and a little bit of imagination.

For example, intricate costume elements can be created using cut to size foam components or to create standalone items such as skulls, witches’ hats and more. Likewise, there are numerous Halloween props you can easily create using closed-cell rigid polyethylene foam – think pumpkins, lanterns, axes, and other faux weapons. Did you know that foam props just like these are used in professional T.V. and film settings too? With foam, you can make your decorations look as realistic as they can be!

Whereas there’s lots of online guidance and ideas on making the perfect Halloween costume or costume prop, less is said about outdoor decorations. Despite outdoor decorations being more popular in the U.S., the growing popularity of Halloween in the U.K. encourages more of us to decorate the exterior of our homes with low cost yet high-quality decorations. Rather than purchasing a cheap plastic item, foam is a fantastic alternative. It can be easily decorated with spray paints and more to create realistic textures and overall material appearance.

Using large cut to size polyurethane foam sheets or having ordered a cut to size foam piece to your specification, you can create a realistic-looking tombstone – or similar - to go in your front garden.

Halloween crafting with foam

To create a tombstone, you’ll need a piece of foam approximately 50cm tall, 25cm wide and 10cm deep. For larger tombstones or decorations that need to be sturdier, order two slightly thinner pieces of denser foam and stick these together using an all-purpose adhesive spray.

To carve inscriptions or a design on your tombstone, you will need a pencil and a sharp small craft knife. Use the pencil to mark out your intended design and begin to slice and carve into your foam to give it a weathered epitaph look. Next, make up the foam coat solution and paint it onto the foam, leaving it to dry thoroughly. Once dry, your tombstone can then be coated in a water-based paint of your choice, and this can be continually layered until you achieve the effect you desire. Keep as little paint on the brush as possible – do not saturate the foam – as this will give a ‘rough’ look to any grey or brown paint that is applied to create a stone or wood effect.

Once the entire tombstone is dry, you can continue decorating and adding additional details as you wish using more water-based paint. For example, a darker grey can then be traced within the letter inscriptions to make them more visible and weathered, and cracks and other surface textures can be added to the main stone. Extra detail can also be added in the form of spray paints, particularly to add effects like moss and dirt. When complete, your tombstone can be propped up in the garden!

For more information on how foam can be used in Halloween crafts, please see here. Alternatively, for other spooky crafts, including creating a foam lantern and how foam can be used for Halloween costumes, check out our other Halloween foam blogs.

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