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Pyrosorb-S class 0 acoustic foam sheets

Pyrosorb-S is a class "0" accredited cellular acoustic foam. Class 0 is the best Building Regulations designation for materials that protect from the spread of flames and limits the amount of heat released from the surface during a fire. With its flexibility and non-irritant characteristics class 0 foam is a safe and easy to install product. Its durability has been proved on many prestigious projects throughout the world. Class 0 foam can be cut and shaped easily and safely. It will readily accept facings, acoustic barrier layers and self adhesive backing for ease of fixing. Class 0 Acoustic foam is available in sheets, tiles or cut to size.

UK's largest Pyrosorb-S acoustic foam supplier

Pyrosorb-S Class 0 accredited foam is a superior grade of foam in its class, manufactured in the UK and distributed worldwide by Efoam.

Pyrosorb-S Class 0 acoustic foam sheet

Pyrosorb-S is a class 0 accredited cellular acoustic foam. Safe and easy to install. Includes self-adhesive backing.
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Pyrosorb-S Class 0 convoluted acoustic foam sheet

Convoluted/eggcrate Pyrosorb-S is a class "0" accredited cellular acoustic foam. Safe and easy to install.
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Pyrosorb-S class 0 acoustic foam tile pack

Pyrosorb-S class 0 accredited cellular acoustic foam tiles with self-adhesive backing. Safe and easy to install. In 4 thicknesses, the 2 are chamfered (bevelled edges) the thinnest is flat with no chamfer, and the last one is convoluted egg profile. More information here.
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Class 0 Specs

Class 0 FAQ

  • Class 0 is a fire resistant, flexible, open celled polyurethane foam.
  • Being open celled with a high density it is an excellent sound absorption material.
  • Is a safe alternative to conventionally used products.
  • Easy and safe to handle (reduced labour costs).
  • Does not erode or migrate in air movement (up to 6,000 ft/min, 2,800Mt/min).
  • Is non-fibrous eliminating the potential health hazards associated with fibrous products.

Class 0 foam may be used in almost any absorption or containment of noise application, including:
  • Air-conditioning equipment and duct systems
  • Acoustic wall panelling and enclosures
  • Generator rooms and forming a fire seal
  • Engine bay compartments
  • Automotive and Marine applications
  • Prison mattresses
  • M.O.D. vehicles

Due to the popularity and high demand of the Pyrosorb-S material, Efoam have invested in a larger warehouse facility to ensure that we maintain high stock levels at all times.

We have supplied the Pyrosorb-S foam in vast quantities to international customers in Dubai (UAE), Sultanate of Brunei, Sultanate of Oman, Malaysia and many other international destinations. Efoam are proud to have worked with some of the world's most distinguished architects, specifiers and construction companies.

Over the last ten years, the feedback we have received from our customers when sending samples of the Pyrosorb-S compared with a leading UK competitor's material, the overwhelming preference on the part of our customers has been towards the Pyrosorb-S material.

Although both products are class 0 accredited, the feedback we have received leads us to have a firm belief that the astounding preference towards the Pyrosorb-S is due to the superior, rich aesthetic and high quality nature of this product in comparison to other class 0 materials that are available in the UK.

We currently ship to the Republic of Ireland on a 2-3 day delivery service. However, Efoam will shortly be completing on a commercial distribution contract in collaboration with a leading logistics company in the Republic of Ireland. This will allow Efoam to offer a next day service on the Pyrosorb-S material.

Efoam are also in the process of negotiating on a purchase of a central distribution facility in the EU, allowing us to deliver on a next day service to mainland Europe. Our commercial partners are looking into the feasibility of manufacturing this product in the EU due to the economic uncertainty that the Brexit has posed.

United Nations and other NGO's Procurement departments needing further clarity to class 0 foam mattress or other foam requirements can contact our dedicated NGO support team by email.

Efoam also produce bespoke die-cut foam components using the Pyrosorb-S material for use as a fire seal in air conditioning, ducting systems and electrical cabinets. Efoam are more than happy to discuss any requirements that you may have, whether it is for UK market or international markets.

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