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Packaging Foam Cut to Size & Packing Foam Sheets

UK's largest packaging foam cut to size and packing foam sheets supplier

With over 20 years of experience in supplying packaging foam, eFoam offers many different products – whether you're on the hunt for storage or transit packing products, we've got it. Take a look through our selection, and we're quite sure that you will find the perfect packing foam for you.

Our packaging foam can protect your items, whether they are delicate or sturdy. You can say goodbye to vibration and shaking, abrasions and say hello to cushioning that keeps your things safe in transit or storage.

Our in-house foam experts are always ready to take your calls and your emails. We love helping our buyers and prospects by providing you with what you need in terms of answers and orders.

We also produce die-cut foam for bespoke applications.

Note: Packaging foam is not fire retardant therefore is not suitable for upholstery.

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Packaging foam flat sheet

High impact light weight flat packaging grade foam. Suitable for all kinds of protective packaging applications, for example flight cases, briefcases, cardboard boxes, etc.
Note: This foam is not fire retardant therefore not suitable for upholstery.
 Sheet size:

 at thickness: 
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Packaging foam convoluted sheet

High impact light weight convoluted/eggcrate packaging grade foam. Suitable for all kinds of protective packaging applications, for example flight cases, briefcases, cardboard boxes, etc. Note: This foam is not fire retardant therefore not suitable for upholstery.
 Sheet size:

 at thickness: 
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Antistatic pink packaging sheet AS22

Anti-static packaging polyurethane foam, great for packaging electronics.
For more information please see the antistatic foam page

View AS22 Datasheet.
 Sheet size:

 at thickness: 
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Antistatic pink convoluted packaging sheet AS22

Anti-static pink convoluted / egg-crate pattern packaging polyurethane foam great for packaging electronics.For more information please see the antistatic foam page

View AS22 Datasheet.
 Sheet size:

 at thickness: 
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Closed cell polyethylene sheet EFP30

Black or white rigid closed cell foam, non-absorbent and water proof. With or without self adhesive backing. For more information please see the closed cell foam page.
 Sheet size:

 at thickness: 
 in colour:  
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Plastazote® LD33 superior closed cell sheet

Nitrogen expanded cross-linked closed cell foam, non-absorbent and water proof. With or without self adhesive backing. More information on the Plastazote page.
 Sheet size:

 at thickness: 
 in colour:  
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Ethafoam STPE200 - Semi rigid packaging sheet

White or grey medium density non cross linked expanded polyethylene foam sheet.
For more information please see the Ethafoam page.
 Sheet size:

 at thickness: 
 in colour: 
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Reconstituted foam sheet - 6lb

Low cost contract seating foam in mixed colours, reconstructed out of many little foam pieces all bonded together.
 Sheet size:

 at thickness: 
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Reconstituted foam sheet - 9lb

Cost effective, robust foam reconstructed out of many little foam pieces all bonded together tightly to form a super-dense foam suitable for industrial matting, packaging, gym mats, commercial seating.
More information.
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 at thickness: 
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What is Packaging Foam?

Packaging foam comes in many different styles and thicknesses and can help you to keep your items protected either in situ or in transit.

No matter what you want to protect, our packaging foam is ideal for keeping your goods safe. Whether you are concerned about vibration, abrasion or you want to cushion your more delicate items, our packaging foam will give your things the protection required to ensure they arrive in one piece.

Types of Packaging Foam

eFoam provides a wide range of packaging foam and can even take custom packaging foam orders from you.

Please note that packaging foam is not fire retardant so cannot be used for upholstery purposes. Let's explore the different types of packaging foam supplied by eFoam.

Foam Wrap Rolls: Created from a closed-cell foam that is lightweight, this is the perfect foam to use if you're looking to either store or move items. This soft material, made of polyethylene foam, can be wrapped around objects to protect them against being scratched or scuffed. At the same time, it can be used to preserve heavier items. Available in a few widths, it's easy to cut this packaging foam to suit your needs with household scissors.

Packaging foam rectangle: this closed-cell packaging foam can be made by us to suit your needs in terms of size. Just let us know the depth, width and length of the rectangle you need to protect your items, and we will magic it up for you. We also offer a convoluted rectangle – which may also be known as egg-crate foam. With a peak and valley appearance, your products will benefit from increased airflow, and it's the perfect packaging foam for packages or cases.

Pre-cubed foam: this foam is perfect to put into carrying cases. It can be cut to fit create a snug spot to insert items such as musical instruments, electronic devices and other delicate parts. We offer white Ethafoam, which is perfect for high load bearing for your heavier equipment or a black coloured high load which is an open cell polyethylene packaging foam. Find out more about Ethafoam.

Packaging foam sheet: Available as a flat sheet or a convoluted sheet, our foam can be used to wrap items or to go inside cardboard boxes, or carrying cases such as briefcases or flight cases.

We also offer a pink packaging sheet known as AS22 (Anti-Static) which is designed for antistatic requirements in addition to a non-absorbent polyethylene sheet and a superior Plastazote closed-cell sheet. In our selection, you'll also find Ethafoam and reconstituted foam sheet of two different weights.

No matter what you're looking for, we can help. If you're looking for packaging foam for a one-off shipment job, you want a continual supply of foam, or you need more information about which one is the best one for your situation, you can call us or email us to ask.

What is packaging foam used for?

A wide range of different people uses our packaging foam. We sell to some businesses, but we also sell to individuals who are looking to send items via post or courier or who want to store their treasured items safely.

Besides, people who sell equipment are some of our biggest customers. Our foam is designed to fit into cases that carry kit, and equipment and can be customised for your needs.

What else should you know about our packaging foam?

Our packaging foam is sourced from British companies. When you buy from us, you're supporting British industry and manufacturing.

Customer's FAQs about Packaging Foam

As one of the UK's leading packaging foam supplier, we are often asked questions about how to get the best of our products. Our customers want to know which foam is the best foam for their needs and then how to use it for best effect.

Over the last ten years, we have collected these questions with their answers so that we can share them for everybody to learn more about our packaging foam. We also enjoy sharing what we know, and with more than ten years knowledge, there's certainly plenty to give out.

If you have questions that you cannot find here, then feel free to contact us either by email or by phone. Our team are not only exceedingly knowledgeable; they are also helpful and friendly. We don't know the meaning of any 'silly' questions, as to us – nothing is a silly question. We all started somewhere with learning about foam, what it is, and how to use it, and we don't expect anything different from our customers.

Let's explore some of the questions that we've received from our customers over the past decade. These questions are typically focused on how to use foam for crafts, product packaging and lifestyle.

What types of packaging foam do you supply?

We offer a range of packaging foam – from the flat sheet and convoluted (egg-crate) sheet to rectangular inserts that can be placed in a case or box as a lining. We also supply polyethylene and reconstituted foam packaging material so that you can find the perfect foam to suit your needs. If you're unsure about which one is the best for your project, get in touch.

What do we mean by closed-cell foam?

Those who regularly use foam know that there are two types – closed-cell and open-celled. Open-celled is more like a sponge and foam like this will allow water to be absorbed. Closed-cell is a more rigid foam that has walls around each cell. With closed-cell, water cannot penetrate, and the foam is firmer to touch. As an example, swimming noodles are made from closed-cell foam.

Is packaging foam fire-resistant?

Some of our packaging foam is fire retardant. You can view which ones are by scrolling through our products above to check.

Is packaging foam toxic to humans?

None of our packaging foam is designed for eating. However, Plastazote is not toxic to humans in its solid form. It is safe for children, medical purposes and other uses.

How is packing foam used?

Our customers use our packing foam in a wide range of different ways. For example, to wrap around products that they are selling and need to send to customers. It's also used to wrap around products to protect them in storage. Also, our packing foam is used for house removals for those who are moving home, and to safeguard instruments, whether musical or otherwise.

Is packaging foam useful as a sound insulator?

Our packaging foam is designed for packing items away either to transport them or for storage. It's not intended to be a sound insulator; however, please note that Plastazote is a foam that is perfect for deadening sound. Otherwise please take a look at our acoustic foam and convoluted acoustic foam which are both designed to be sound insulators.

I am not sure which packaging foam is the best for me?

If you need help with selecting the best packaging foam for your needs, feel free to contact us. Our staff have over a decade of experience and are ready to help you. It may even be that you would prefer to see our foams before committing. For this purpose, we suggest trying a sample of the foam before committing to which one is the best one. You can order a small piece of foam to try in your projects by using our sample service.

I am looking for foam to pack my household goods

We recommend that you use our packaging foam sheets for this situation.

Can I order the size I want?

Yes, you can – please use our cut to size page for an instant quote, or feel free to contact us.

Summary of Packaging Foam

Packaging foam is very versatile. Whether you're moving house, selling delicate products that need postage packaging or you're looking to store your belongings safely in the loft, we have what you need.

Most people opt for our packaging foam sheets either in a flat or convoluted (egg-crate) style. We also offer plastazote, which is mould and mildew resistant, in addition to being water-resistant.

Our packaging foam products also include a rectangle for insertion in a case or box which can be made to your size specifications. In addition, we have pre cubed & pre scored packaging foam for inside cases or boxes – this type of customisable packaging foam is used to keep instruments and electronics safe from movement when being moved or carried.

No matter what you need, eFoam has a team of experts who are friendly, knowledgeable and experienced. We are here ready to take your call with advice that will make all the difference to your project. Get in touch by calling us or emailing us.

Our opening hours are 8am-8pm Mon-Fri & 9am-5pm Sat-Sun.

All our foam can be cut to your size, and it is available in a variety of shapes. Get in touch now to make your packaging foam order or to ask questions.

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