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Reconstituted Foam | Chip Foam | Crumb Foam

Reconstituted foam example

Reconstituted foam (sometimes called chip foam or crumb foam) is a unique foam type that is made up of pieces of leftover polyurethane foam (e.g. offcuts and remnants from cutting foam to size) that have been compacted and bonded together. The end result is a surprisingly resilient and firm product with a long life span.

It is generally considered best for applications which get a lot of usage, such as pub seating, public transport seating, gym mats, crash mats and church kneelers. It can also be used for packaging and sound insulation.

Reconstituted foam can come in different weights/strengths, usually in 6 pound per cubic foot and in a heavier denser 9 pound type for more demanding applications.

Reconstituted public transport example

Visually, it looks multi-coloured and marbled, due to all the different pieces of foam used to make it up, which can vary in size and colour.

This high density reconstituted chip foam can also be cut to any size, shape, made into sheets, etc. and is sometimes used in conjunction with new foam, for example, a reconstituted cushion can have a top layer of new foam to provide a bit more comfort.

Being a recycled product means it is also cost effective. It is good to know that the foam industry is able to make such good use of leftover foam pieces and foam offcuts, rather than just throwing them away, and that manufacturers can make a good, sturdy product out of it with a long lifespan.

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