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Acoustic Foams and Soundproofing Foams

UK's largest acoustic foam sheets and soundproof foam panels supplier

We manufacture and distribute a wide variety of acoustic treatment and soundproofing foam products for amateur and professional music enthusiasts. Our acoustic or sound absorbing foam products are designed to enhance your listening pleasure acoustically.

Our acoustic soundproofing foam will significantly assist in reducing vibration, rebounds and any echoing issues in any room including recording studios, home theatres, music rooms, workshops, cinemas, gyms etc.

We provide high-quality acoustic foam to exacting British standards in Compliance with UL94 HF1 Classification. It also complies with the requirements of Schedule 1, Part 1, The Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Amended Regulations 1989.

We supply acoustic foam in tiles, sheets, bass traps, professional Sonic Acoustics, and cut to size.
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Acoustic Sheets

Pyrosorb-S Class 0 acoustic foam sheet

Pyrosorb-S is a class "0" accredited cellular acoustic foam. Safe and easy to install. Includes self-adhesive backing.
 Sheet size:

 at thickness: 
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Pyrosorb-S Class 0 convoluted acoustic foam sheet

Convoluted/eggcrate Pyrosorb-S is a class "0" accredited cellular acoustic foam. Safe and easy to install.More information on the Pyrosorb page
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Acoustic foam flat sheet

Charcoal flat acoustic treatment and soundproofing foam. Significantly reduces reverberation, reflections and flutter echoes.
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Acoustic foam convoluted sheet

Convoluted/eggcrate acoustic treatment and soundproofing foam. Significantly reduces reverberation, reflections and flutter echoes.
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General purpose heavy duty spray adhesive

Exceptionally powerful adhesive conveniently packaged for a wide range of applications including foam, wood, plastic, cork, rubber, fabric, card and paper to each other or to brickwork, concrete, stone and plaster. 500ml.
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Why choose eFoam for your Acoustic sound treatment foam?

With many years of experience in supplying acoustic foam for soundproofing, eFoam offers various options to ensure that we can help meet your requirements. Take a look through at our foams, and you'll find the best foam for your needs.

Our acoustic foam/soundproofing foam can help with improving the quality of your sound for recording purposes. It can also protect your neighbours and others from the sound made in your sound studio, during drumming practice or other noisy occasions. Some people like to add it to speakers and inside cars. Whether you're a musician, content creator, working from home, or at the office – we can help. We also supply to construction companies and other industries.

If you're not sure about which acoustic foam might be the best one for your needs, then contact our in-house experts who are waiting to give you some answers. You can communicate with us by email or telephone, and we will provide you with advice to help you make an informed decision.

Customer's FAQs about Acoustic Foam

As one of the UK's leading acoustic foam suppliers, we are often asked questions about getting the best of our acoustic foam products.

Over the years, we have collected useful questions with their answers to share them with our customers, to learn more about our acoustic foam. We also enjoy sharing what we know, and with more than twenty years knowledge, there's certainly plenty to give out.

If you have a question that you cannot find here, please contact us either by email or by phone. Our team are not only exceedingly knowledgeable; they are also helpful and friendly. Our customers range from those with YouTube channels to sound engineers, musicians and recording artists. Some of our buyers are voiceover artists, or they create content in the form of videos, podcasts and other audio content for their website or that of other peoples.

If you work from home and need to keep some confidentiality and privacy when hosting a Zoom meeting or phone calls, our products will help you with soundproofing. See our step by step guide on how to make a portable sound isolation shield.

Let's explore some of the questions that we've received from our customers about using foam for soundproofing, deadening noise and controlling sound waves.

What is Acoustic Foam?

Most acoustic foam is made from an open-celled foam that reduces sound waves and their amplitude. The open cells capture the soundwaves so that they don't rebound from other surfaces to make more noise than necessary and reduce lower quality noise levels. The result is that you are able to apply noise reduction or noise control for better results.

Acoustic foam is used in many different ways; the most common applications include attaching it to walls, doors, ceilings and other parts of a room to keep vibration, echoes and noise levels at a minimum.

We can supply acoustic foam in many different forms. If you're unsure which type or style, you should use, please feel free to ask our team of foam experts. You can contact us to ask questions. We've also added a list of frequently asked questions on acoustic foam further down the page.

What types of acoustic soundproofing foam do you supply?

Here at eFoam, we supply several different acoustic foam types and can even provide custom soundproofing foam orders for you. Let's explore the different types of acoustic foam supplied by eFoam.

Tiles & Self Adhesive Panels: We make and stock two different sizes of acoustic foam soundproofing tiles that are available in a flat chamfered or convoluted finish. We also supply large self-adhesive acoustic foam panels which are available either as flat or convoluted. If you require soundproofing with a high fire rating – try our Pyrosorb-S class 0 tiles. We also recommend adding bass traps in each corner of your room.

Bass traps: The purpose of bass traps is to control acoustics and any reverberation in studios, mastering suites, home theatres or other rooms where the quality of sound is critical. Our bass traps are exceptionally effective at controlling particularly low-frequency reverberations that left to themselves would be problematic due to being long sound waves that are part of the audible bandwidth.

Professional Sonic Acoustics: Our Sonic range of acoustic products are manufactured in the UK to exacting British standards complying with UL94 HF1 Classification. This foam can significantly improve the quality of sound in any environment. It works particularly well with the high-frequency region. These are designed for use on walls, ceiling and can be installed using our spray adhesive. They are typically used in recording studios, suites, offices, churches and home theatres.

Acoustic foam cut to size: We can cut our acoustic foam to any size that you need. No matter what you're looking for, we can help. If you're looking for acoustic soundproofing for particular situations and you need more information about which one is the best one for your case, you can call us or email us to ask.

Pyrosorb-S Class 0 Acoustic foam: Our Pyrosorb-s is a class 0 rated acoustic foam. This is a superior grade of foam in its class. It is manufactured in the UK and distributed worldwide by eFoam.

Closed Cell Polyethylene EFP30 foam: Due to its closed cell formulation, polyethylene is an ideal foam to use for sound deadening applications. Please note, this particular product is not fire retardant. If you require a fire retardant version, please contact us.

We offer a range of acoustic foam – from the flat sheet and convoluted (egg-crate) sheet to bass traps that are typically added to the corner of each room. Our soundproofing tiles can be installed on walls and ceilings with adhesive spray glue, which we also supply for your convenience. If you're not sure about which foam you should be using, get in touch. We are happy to help.

What is acoustic soundproofing foam used for?

Our acoustic soundproofing foam can be used for many different applications. In addition to domestic-use, we also sell to businesses.

How does acoustic soundproofing foam work?

Sound waves come in a variety of different frequencies. They may be very low, which is known as bass or very high. For humans to hear a sound, they need the sound waves to travel to their ears. Many sound waves will reach your ear directly, without bouncing off any surface or obstacle on the way. This sound is evident for you to hear. Other sound waves don't travel directly. They will bounce off surfaces, which can cause delays when you're recording or even performing a live session.

The purpose of acoustic soundproofing is to catch the rogue soundwaves and dampen them so that they don't rebound. Sound waves have the energy removed from them with the acoustic foam and cannot travel far, and therefore the sound quality will not be interfered with. High frequencies contain less energy and can be controlled with acoustic panels, whereas lower frequencies need to be handled with bass traps. Bass will typically head to the corner of rooms, so they need to be installed in room corners.

I am not sure which soundproofing acoustic foam is the best for me?

If you need help selecting the best soundproofing acoustic foam for your needs, please contact us. Our team have many years of experience and are ready to help you. It may even be that you would prefer to see our foams before committing. For this purpose, we suggest trying a sample of the foam before committing to which one is the best one. You can order a small piece of foam to try in your projects by using our sample service.

Can I order Acoustic foam in the size I want?

Yes, you can – please contact us for a cut to size quotation.

What else should you know about our acoustic soundproofing foam?

Our acoustic soundproofing foam is sourced from British manufacturing companies. When you buy from us, you're supporting British industry and manufacturing.

Summary of Acoustic Soundproofing Foam

Soundproofing or acoustic foam comes in a variety of forms. We sell bass traps for your room corners, acoustic panels and acoustic foam sheets.

Sound waves need to be controlled in situations where you're creating content for your website, a sound recording in a music studio or even a mastering suite.

No matter what you need, eFoam has a team of friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced experts. Should you require advice on acoustic foam for your project, contact us.

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