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eFoam Multi Purpose Heavy Duty Spray Adhesive

General purpose heavy duty spray adhesive

Exceptionally powerful adhesive conveniently packaged for a wide range of applications including foam, wood, plastic, cork, rubber, fabric, card and paper to each other or to brickwork, concrete, stone and plaster. 500ml.
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Affordable, mess free and easy to use, foam adhesive spray can be used for most small projects and some large foam applications. This by far, is the most popular foam adhesive.

Spray adhesive is widely used to glue thick sheets of cushioned foam, used for seating or insulation. Layers of foam can be tightly bonded together using spray adhesive. The great thing about spray adhesive is that it is easy to apply, dries fast and can be used on curved, custom-cut or oddly shaped foam pieces.

Extra strength spray adhesive like eFoam's is great for foam that is likely to get a lot of use, such as the type of foam used in sofa cushions or dining chairs.

Efoam's exceptionally powerful adhesive is ideal for gluing foam used for a number of applications. Plus, it can be used as an adhesive for wood, plastic, carpet & underlay, cork, rubber, fabric, card and paper. It will also hold on brickwork, concrete, stone and plaster.

The general purpose adhesive spray from eFoam won't discolour or warp your foam and won't make it brittle as your foam ages. Click here for the MSDS on this product.

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