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ESD Foam / AS22 Pink Anti-static Foam

UK's largest online pink anti-static (ESD) foam supplier

Pink anti-static (ESD) foam is a specially formulated product made from open cell Polyurethane foam with carefully added chemicals including an anti-static agent, specially designed for packaging and transporting electronic equipment such as circuit boards and hard drives. This specially designed foam is ideal for packaging ‘Electrostatic Discharge’ (ESD) sensitive components. During the manufacturing process, the anti-static polyurethane packaging foam is dyed pink to distinguish and identify it from other foam types.

Pink anti-static foam is an economical solution for packaging, transporting and storing ESD sensitive products while providing maximum protection from any physical shock when handling or moving. Anti-static foam protects products from any elements of static discharge and provides an electrical path for the charge to dissipate from the packaging, acting as a shield or barrier.

Antistatic pink packaging sheet AS22

Anti-static packaging polyurethane foam, great for packaging electronics.
View AS22 Datasheet.
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Antistatic pink convoluted packaging sheet AS22

Anti-static pink convoluted / egg-crate pattern packaging polyurethane foam great for packaging electronics.
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Pre Cubed pink antistatic AS22 foam

Each pack contains Pre Cubed foam and lining foam layers.
Each side of the removable plugs in the Pre cubed foam grid is 25mm (1").
Dimensions are 560 x 350mm (22" x 13.8"); the lining foam is 12mm thick.
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General purpose heavy duty spray adhesive

Exceptionally powerful adhesive conveniently packaged for a wide range of applications including foam, wood, plastic, cork, rubber, fabric, card and paper to each other or to brickwork, concrete, stone and plaster. 500ml.
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Choosing the correct type of packaging foam is just as important as the products you are packaging. Packaging foams without anti-static properties are not suitable for any products that are sensitive to ESD. Using non-anti-static packaging foam for ESD sensitive components can cause defects and failures in the parts. Modern devices or components are more susceptible to ESD, so it is vital that the correct protection and packaging is used.

Efoam supplies Pink anti-static foam in a wide range of thicknesses and sheet sizes. We can also provide Pink anti-static foam cut to size.

Click here for the Pink Antistatic Foam Datsheet

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