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2020 What a Year!

2020 what a year!

This year has been an incredible challenge in many ways. Not only has it been wholly unexpected, but we’ve all had to change our daily routines - the same goes for our normal operations at eFoam. We, like others, were uncertain on what the year would hold, but eFoam quickly began to support many front-line workers with additional PPE in the early stages of the pandemic. That said, we’re pleased to say that our operations are returning to a sense of normality!

Despite the initial bumpy road, we’re proud that eFoam has been able to play an essential part in the fight against Coronavirus. With our operations and manufacturing processes able to adapt quickly, we were able to promptly produce a range of products used in healthcare settings. In the early stages, some vital equipment we helped produce included beds, seat wedges, protective equipment and scan supports – particularly given the high number of people who were sadly admitted to hospital with the virus.

The UK’s pioneering Nightingale Hospital – dedicated to the treatment of Coronavirus – was one of many recipients of foam-based PPE and medical equipment, and our products were distributed nationally. During the first lockdown period earlier this year, eFoam supplied over 2 million foam components, and we continue to supply thousands each week in our ongoing efforts to support those looking after the most vulnerable.

Merry Christmas from eFoam

Coronavirus hasn’t only brought medical challenges and an unprecedented demand for supplies in the health sector. It has also brought all of us in the UK a huge sense of disruption. This is also the case for the supply chains that directly work with eFoam to provide the required elements and components for us to manufacture our popular foam products. With a limited availability of raw materials and delays to deliveries, these battles are not yet over. However, we are pleased to be supplying our customers to the very best of our ability, always giving our utmost effort in sourcing whichever foam materials they may need.

Whilst we continue to mitigate the ongoing levels of uncertainty seen throughout this year, we would also like to give our huge thanks to our dedicated, understanding, and loyal customers who have continued to support eFoam through this time, whether via their professional orders or personal projects. We have experienced a demand unlike any other, and naturally, we have done our very best to fulfil our customer needs whilst doing what we can to support the wider community.

Merry Christmas

Needless to say, it’s been a year to remember. We’ve seen so many people embracing different projects during this time, and this has been reflected in the orders we have received. Ranging from home DIY and upholstery projects, to business-as-usual trade operations, our materials continue to be used in a wide range of applications. That said, we have continued to take pride in our customer service, and have enjoyed seeing how our foam has been used in different crafting activities, outdoor uses, and in other personal projects.

What we have all learned this year is that community is most important in times of change. We’ve seen people from all walks of life – and various circumstances – come together to make the best of this year’s challenges.

As the year draws to a close, we’d like to take this opportunity to wish all of our customers and staff a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy, 2021!

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