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Benefits of foam rollers

Rigid foam roller

From gym-goers and casual exercisers to Olympic athletes, many of us have encountered the trusty foam roller. It is becoming common knowledge that post-exercise, stretching alone is not enough to release muscle tightness to help prevent the next day aches. However, there are a number of foam rollers that can be used for a range of different exercise types, levels of activity, and intensity.

Foam rollers are used as a form of ‘self-myofascial release’, or in other words, self-massage. These rollers are specifically crafted to relieve athletes and gym-goers from muscle tightness and to release particular trigger points in various points of the body. For the majority of casual exercisers, foam rollers are often used to reduce the soreness frequently experienced after an intense workout. For professional athletes, these same rollers are used to speed up muscle recovery to ensure maintained muscle endurance in their next training session.

You may be thinking, ‘How do I know which foam roller is best for me?’ In this handy guide, we explore the three most popular types of foam rollers.

Low density foam roller

1) Low-density foam rollers

Low-density foam rollers are the softest and lightest foam rollers available to purchase. This specification of roller is brilliant for the casual exerciser who wishes to relieve any strain and soreness in the muscle. Furthermore, this type of roller is commonly used in an exercise class for a range of movements. Though these rollers are light and relatively soft in comparison to their former counterparts, don’t be surprised to still experience some discomfort when rolling. The roller is designed to work your muscles, however, if you find yourself grimacing in pain - stop. We supply a wide variety of precut foam cylinders in many diameters and lengths.

2) Firm foam rollers

Over time, you may feel you want to progress from a soft foam roller to a firm roller. Firm rollers are excellent for those wishing to achieve a deeper, more intense pressure point release in the muscles. As a result, they are an excellent choice for professional athletes who train frequently. If you find firm rollers too intense, or find yourself wincing in pain, try progressing to a softer roller. We also provide an extensive range of high density foams that can be cut to size into cylinder rolls for this purpose.

3) Ridged foam rollers

Ridged foam rollers have a patterned texture, with either knobs or wave-shaped ridges that embed into the pressure points within muscle. These ridges help to release tension quickly and are excellent for complex muscles such as shoulders. This is because ridged foam rollers are good for targeting muscles that have numerous trigger points and are used often - I.e. during exercise. Should you require a ridged foam roller, we have many colours to choose from.

If you would like to learn more about choosing the most appropriate foam roller for you, please contact us.

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