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Bicycle trailer seat foam

Bicycle trailer seat foam

In the summer months, most of us like to make the most of the sunshine and great outdoors by exploring the countryside on a bicycle. For children and our four-legged friends who can’t join us on two wheels, bicycle trailers and other metal or plastic seats affixed to bicycle frames are a good option.

Despite bicycle trailers being a popular choice, most do come at a high price, and they are often limited in how customisable they are. Most of them are constructed with a metal structure and mesh inner and outer frame and typically do not come with padding or other seat solutions. Using eFoam’s cut to size tool, this need not be an issue, as even the most basic of bicycle trailers can be customised to your exact specification. This includes creating contoured foam children’s seats to simple foam ‘mats’ that fit across the entirety of the trailer’s base.

One concern had by many parents, given that such trailers are often used on rough terrain, is the comfort of a child passenger. Custom made contoured seats can be made from a high-density polyethlene foam that is both durable and water-resistant. Likewise, these can be created to include slots for simple restraint straps to help keep a child secure.

Trailer seat foam for pets

A benefit of creating your own seating solution is that each seat can be made to custom fit a child, or if a trailer is big enough, two adjoining seats can be made. Customisation is key here, including the creation of extra head or footrest elements depending on preference.

Likewise, many of us would like a solution that accommodates both a pet and a child. For that, an insert can be created that incorporates a single contoured seat-like shape alongside a flat base foam sheet. This flat sheet acts as additional padding and comfort for the four-legged friend that joins along for the ride!

Alternatively, if your trailer is for your dog only - or indeed two dogs - then a piece of cut to size foam can be ordered using our specialist online tool. This can be tailor-made to fit each unique corner and angle of your trailer, as well as made with the appropriate holes for fittings to be fixed.

All seat solutions can be made using durable, water-repellent and bacteria resistant foam that is most appropriate for outdoor and rainy-day use. Likewise, polyurethane upholstery foams can be used with an outer cover; typically, a vinyl-like material similar to that used in children’s high chairs works best.

Trailer seat foam cushion for children

When it comes to fixed metal and plastic seats often used for toddlers, comfort is once again the primary concern. Some seats are fitted with an all-in-one foam sheet that provides some comfort, and others are supplied with a few foam components placed only on high-pressure points. Whether needing to replace existing foam within an original seat or creating and upholstering a new solution from scratch, we at eFoam can also make any desired component from a foam of your choice using simple hand-drawn images to illustrate your intended design.

For guidance on ordering or cutting foam for your custom seat solution, please contact one of our friendly advisers.

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