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Cheap vs. Quality foam

cheap vs quality foam

Quality always matters, though some people often choose a lower cost product over a quality one. For many things this is acceptable, but for foam, this isn’t always necessarily the case. The quality and craftsmanship of eFoam’s products proves that top-standard foam is available at an accessible price. But what are the differences between cheap versus quality foam?

First and foremost, cheap foam can be identified through the longevity of its life. However, by the time you are able to realise this, you purchased the foam long ago and are highly unlikely to receive your money back. It’s frustrating, let alone time consuming, as additional time and resources will now need to be used to replace the cheap foam component. A good quality foam should have a solid, even structure and will spring back into shape almost immediately.

Purchasing cheap foam rather than a quality product sets you up for falling victim to a false economy. Manufactured to a lower standard, cheaper foams are often not made using the quality components that constitute a higher quality product. In turn, this means it often degrades and wears far quicker, leading you on to a number of repeat purchases in order to maintain the standard of your foam in a similar timeframe.

efoam foam made in uk

High-quality foam is known to be incredibly dense with an even structure, therefore offering a longer lifespan. For example, a cheap memory foam mattress may have a maximum lifespan of around five or so years. On the contrary, a quality memory foam mattress can, if cared for and used properly, achieve up to a lot more!

It is also very important to realise that cheap foam is often made using harmful chemicals and is not manufactured to the same stringent safety standards. These chemicals include petrochemicals and formaldehyde which are toxic to humans. Much of the cheap foam available on the market is manufactured abroad where suppliers are not held accountable to the UK’s strict ISO 9001 quality control standards and enforced fire safety restrictions. Quality control is a leading principle for UK foam manufacturers including eFoam, whereas in manufacturing-intensive countries, profit and quantity is usually placed before quality.

High quality foam blocks

Buying a better quality foam product also ensures you are doing your bit for the environment too. UK manufacturers are well aware of the need for sustainable initiatives, and alongside omitting harmful chemicals from the production process, quality UK-made foam is also produced using less water and energy as certain environmental guidelines are in place. This can’t be said for all manufacturers in other parts of the world where irresponsible production is often common, as well as harmful chemicals and components being dumped in the environment.

eFoam has been recognised for its quality and safety standards for over twenty years, achieving its ISO 9001 status in 1999 and making it the UK’s foam supplier of choice. Should you wish to discuss how your needs can be met with our high-quality cut to size foam products, please contact us.

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