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Child safety foam padding

Children's foam padding for safety & comfort

The children’s furniture market is huge. With products spanning from high chairs and toy boxes, to wooden seats and push along cars, much of it is tailored for children of certain ages. However, some parents and guardians are still understandably cautious of some toys and items, even when they are age appropriate for the child in question. This is particularly the case with harder toys and pieces of furniture that may still present a hazard in some circumstances.

One of the best ways to mitigate any risks brought by items made from harder materials such as wood and plastic is to create and install foam padding. This need not be bulky or unappealing to the eye – using our foam cut to size tool, various different components and supports can be ordered to exact specifications, and then covered with suitable fabrics and designs as you wish. That said, various different types of foams can be ordered if you have a particular use or level of protection in mind.

A common item that often requires greater padding is a high chair. With Nordic-style chairs growing in popularity – such as the wooden Trip Trapp chair manufactured by STOKKE – seat pads and back rests are a common query amongst parents online. However, the cushions on offer by the brand don’t come cheap, and are often only available in a range of designs. By inputting the exact identical specifications into our cut to size tool, or alternatively, sharing a template of the required dimensions with the eFoam team, a high-quality cushion can be created at a fraction of the cost. That said, by making a custom order, you can select your exact foam and the desired firmness, ranging from soft to dense, with the option of memory foam too.

Padding for Stokke Highchair

Furthermore, a classic children’s toy that still remains popular today is the Little Tykes Cozy Coupe car. However, like its original counterpart, today’s product is still not the most comfortable for children. Given that it is suitable from 18 months of age, some guardians are wary of the hard surfaces inside the car. For this, there is the option to use two medium-high density foam sheets to pad the lining of the seat. To give a little more room, we’d recommend ordering two squares sized 50cm by 50cm, and ordering a wipe-clean PVC material to cover the foam.

To affix a foam pad to the seat of the Cosy Coupe – or indeed any other high-chair or toy – we recommend the use of Velcro strips as this ensures the foam pad can be easily removed if required. Using a strong, clear adhesive, take two Velcro strips (in addition to their matching counterparts) and affix them to the base of the seat. Next, secure the second part of the Velcro strip to the underside of the PVC material covered foam pad to complete your removable padding solution.

If you would like to order foam for your child’s toys or furniture and require assistance, please do contact one of our friendly advisers.

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