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Christmas foam crafts

Christmas decoration foam

Christmas crafts are one of the most enjoyable parts of the festive season. From salt dough decorations to yarn and fabric-based creations, the possibilities are endless. Many people have most likely encountered the use of foam in craft activities when using children’s craft kits. However, there are numerous types and grades of foam that can be used to build ornamental elements, standalone tree decorations and table centerpieces that are far more complex.

Polyurethane foam can be best used as an underlying component when creating professional looking decorations. As a malleable material, other decorative embellishments such as sequins can be attached securely and with ease via tiny pins. In turn, this makes foam an excellent material for creating complex decorative baubles, for instance. The trend of rustic-looking ‘homely’ decorations is on the rise, and many individuals have wrapped a spherical foam shape with coloured yarn of their choice. Of course, this can be a tricky intricate task, but the yarn can be held rigid by using small pins to affix it in place.

Considering that many are likely to be sat around a dinner table over the Christmas period, crafting a centerpiece decoration is an excellent, versatile activity. To make a winter nature-inspired centerpiece, polyurethane foam blocks consisting of a range of sizes can be used as a base to insert a range of leaves, flowers and dried berries by using small pins. Likewise, twigs can be inserted into the block to give the design depth and texture. Larger foam blocks of foam (e.g. 20cm) can support a little more weight, making them an excellent choice should you wish to include denser decorative components including wood chunks and twigs.

Christmas foam craft

When it comes to Christmas decorations, foam is an excellent substitute for solid decorations such as clay ornaments and hanging wooden decorations. For those with children, safety is of paramount importance, and many parents may wish to avoid any possible injury from a hard and potentially sharp object. A popular hanging decoration is an ‘Elf’ door, which can easily be made using small rectangular foam cut to size. The durability of polyurethane foam material means it can be cut into and painted a shimmery gold, for example, and be just as visually attractive without the risk of harm to children.

If you’re struggling for crafting inspiration, it’s easy to look at your existing decorations. ‘Elf on the Shelf’ has been a worldwide phenomenon, so what better than to craft an accompanying feature that helps tell your elf stories? For example, foam can be easily cut out into an array of shapes to be painted and decorated with a range of elements to create a miniature house, seat or accessory. Better yet, unlike other plastic materials, the elf can be secured to the foam decoration with a small pin, rather than glue. This helps keep your Elf in tip-top shape.

Foam crafting xmas

Crafting with foam is a fantastic replacement for plastic-based crafts and Christmas ornaments. Unlike plastic, any decorations you create from foam will be long lasting and durable. Your foam crafts will not crack and will easily spring back into shape due to their resilient material properties. Most importantly, whatever you decide to craft from foam will look brand new for years to come – a great quality for special crafts created by children that you’d like to treasure.

At eFoam, we cut all types of foam to shape and size as well as precut foam sheets for personal craft use. To discuss your requirements, feel free to contact us.

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