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DIY dining seat foam pads

Dining chair foam pads

Creating your own DIY dining seat foam pad for chairs that are perhaps too firm is a great activity suitable for those who haven't tried upholstery before. Whether it’s a square, rectangle or small circular seat foam pads, they are typically two to three inches deep and are attached to dining chairs or other similar seats using two single ties attached to one corner of the seat. They are most commonly used with wooden patio furniture, but they are also a great comfort solution for dining seats. Likewise, they can be used for study, office or writing table chairs.

These seat pads can be made with either medium-density or high-density foam, and if preferred, a mix of two foam sheets to create a medium-firm cushion made from polyurethane foam. At eFoam, we supply high quality yet low-cost upholstery foam, which is perfect for such applications. What's better is that this foam is available cut to any size or shape and can be custom ordered via our online cut to size foam tool.

The standard size for a dining seat pad is 38cm in height by 38cm in width and is typically two or three inches deep, depending on preference. To begin, you will need approximately a metre squared of your chosen cover material, ribbon or trim for the ties, and a button kit. You will also need a small zip, some batting for additional cushioning, and a stockinette to insert your foam into your fabric case with all sewing materials.

After ordering your chosen foam insert using our cut to size tool:

1. Begin by cutting out two pieces of fabric that are one and a half inches greater in size than your foam insert.

DIY Dining foam pads

2. Stack the two pieces together and cut the bottom edge so that the corners are rounded.

3. Pin your ties between the two pieces to ensure these two pieces are right side together, and the ties are facing in towards the centre of the cushion.

4. Sew on two ties on the right side of one edge and two ties on the other. This length of the material will become the rear side of the cushion that attaches to the chair.

When all is in place, begin sewing all your pieces together, including the side with the ties. Once complete, ensure to keep the cushion's front edge open, as this is where you will be inserting your foam pad. Stitch on your zip to this open edge and proceed to wrap the foam insert in your accompanying stockinette piece. This stockinette piece can also be ordered from eFoam. Proceed to insert this into your cushion cover, and on the top side of the cushion, insert some batting for added cushion plushness. Next, stitch the cushion shut.

To make a tufted button effect:

1. Place your thread through a button on the underside of the cushion and pull the thread through to the top side.

2. Insert your top side button and repeat the stitches numerous times before pulling the thread tight to create a 'puckered' effect.

3. Do leave some give in the thread.

4. Repeat for the desired number of buttons on your cushion.

For assistance regarding any DIY or upholstery project, please contact us. You can also take a look at our upholstery foam blog.

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