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Easter foam crafts

easter foam bonnet

Apart from Christmas, the Easter period is one of the most popular times of year for those wishing to get hands on with arts and crafts. There is a huge array of activities that are suitable for both adults and children - many of which that are enhanced by using foam components.

Some of the most popular activities include building Easter bonnets, creating and decorating foam-based egg shapes, making felt floral arrangements that are placed in and supported by cut to size foam blocks and carving out Easter-themed stamps. Unsurprisingly, the malleable nature of foam makes it an ideal material to use in crafting activities as it is safe and suitable for both children and adults alike.

Many retailers are quick to capitalise on everyone’s keen interest in Easter-themed arts and crafts. At eFoam, we believe these activities should be accessible to all, and therefore recommend a number of ways in which you can make excellent foam crafts having purchased your foam components directly from us. One of the most popular foams used for Easter-themed arts and crafts is soft polyurethane foam sheets because it is suitable for universal use.

easter foam egg hunt

One of the most popular crafts we see during this period is to decorate your own Easter egg. Foam is a material of excellent quality and is also a cheaper, easier to manage, and more environmentally friendly alternative to using wood or non-recyclable plastic. It is also highly adaptable. For example, should children wish to decorate an egg shape – which can be ordered cut to size or simply cut flat from a foam sheet – decorations can then be stuck on using safe PVA glue. Alternatively, this very foam – or reflex foam, which holds greater elasticity and tensile strength - can also be used by adults who have more intricate and complex designs in mind, which may involve the direct pinning of materials onto the foam.

Furthermore, foam is also incredibly popular for Easter egg hunts as it is non-toxic, suitable for children, and will not harm the environment should it not be found and consequently left outside. As these foam shapes are also incredibly lightweight, they are perfect for hiding in weaker spots such as in bushes and on branches without weighing them down, and in areas of the home that you do not wish to damage should the egg fall. Available in a range of shapes, sizes and foam types, using Easter eggs made from foam incorporates a specialist sensory element for children during these hunts and can incorporate part of the game. Not only is memory foam an interesting texture for children, but an egg made from this could be worth double points, for example.

easter egg foam crafts

Instead of making Easter theme elements directly from foam, foam can be used as decoration. For example, foam is praised as an excellent material for Easter bonnets as it is flexible, lightweight, soft and easy to handle. Using thin Plastazote closed cell foam sheets of various colours, decorative objects can be cut. Furthermore, foam can be painted if desired.

Elsewhere, foam is also used as a supporting material. As many look to incorporate felt decorations to their Easter crafts, felting foam is a suitable base for the creation of small decorations – particularly those that are more complex.

We are proud to support our customers with many of their arts and crafts interests. Should you wish to discuss how we can help you with your project – however large or small – please do contact us.

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