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Equestrian foam

Foam for horses

Given the number of versatile uses of foam, it is unsurprising that it also has numerous functions in the equestrian space. It ranges from padding for stables and safety solutions for horseboxes and other modes of transportation. All foam can be custom ordered and made to size using our cut to size foam tool. Likewise, we can create any additional accessories or solutions at your request.

The most common enquiry regarding foam for equestrian uses is regarding safety and comfort. For example, horseboxes and other transportation carts are often structured with several support bars and other hard partitions that may pose a danger. A high-density polyurethane foam sheet can be used to help pad the partition and absorb any pressure from road bumps or knocks and will protect your horse when loading and unloading.

High-density PU foam is available in any desired thickness, although given the likely restrictions on space in a trailer, a thickness of 1-1 ½ inches typically works well. If desired, this foam can then be upholstered with an easy to clean PVC covering. For support bars, pool noodle-like bar wraps are available and can either be wrapped around the bars or threaded on in one piece (bar removal required).

Horsebox foam

For stables and other accommodation for your horse, foam is the perfect material for padding walls for both heat insulation and comfort. High-density polyurethane is typically most popular for such uses as it can withstand weight and pressure from a horse, all whilst remaining intact. Foam sheets – in any required thickness – are suitable for wall padding, although, for floor-based comfort solutions (such as required for foaling, etc.), very high-density polyurethane is best. We’d recommend foam that is 4-5 inches in thickness and then covering the foam in an extra-durable PVC or vinyl material that can be wiped clean.

Other uses of foam include saddle pads, made from a very light density yet flexible and durable foam. These are the perfect solution for fitting saddles onto horses with a high wither, and the raised structure of the foam helps to balance and stabilise the saddle. Likewise, they also provide the horse with additional protection from trauma and making the saddle a more comfortable experience. Should you wish to order foam as a saddle pad, we welcome true-to-life size templates or drawings to help us work with you to measure and visualise the exact shape you require.

You may also be looking for foams to help ensure your own comfort when out and about with your horse. We at eFoam provide a number of solutions to ensure your own comfort in your horsebox. Ranging from mattresses and cushions to padded driving seats, refreshing the foam in your horsebox can make a significant difference. Depending on your preference, memory foam or medium-high density polyurethanes are a high quality yet cost-effective option for various functions and can all be cut to size.

For personal guidance on foams relating to the equestrian sector, don't hesitate to get in touch with our team. No job is too large, small, or too complex!

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