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Foam for alcove and conservatory seating

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If you have a spare area either inside the home or somewhere in the garden, it is incredibly easy to make use of that space. By designing and creating a seating area, it ensures that the space is best used to its potential whilst also creating a fun yet challenging DIY project. One key component for making a seating area – whether indoor or outdoor – is foam.

There are a huge range of foams on offer for those looking to get crafty, and your selection should be made on a range of criteria. This includes assessing its intended purpose, how often it is likely to be used, and whether it needs to be weatherproof or simply just suitable for inside the home.

For indoor alcove seating – such as in a conservatory - we recommend high density polyurethane foam. This type of foam offers adequate levels of comfort without compromising on its quality of firmness. However, it is not uncomfortable – it is simply durable and best suited for occasional use. High density foam is the most popular grade of foam currently purchased in the UK and can be cut to size and shape.

conservatory foam seating

If you are seeking exceptional comfort, it may be worth considering memory foam. Memory foam softens on contact and moulds itself to the shape of the body within a few minutes, making it an excellent choice if you are looking to transform a space into the perfect comfortable reading spot. With its malleable nature, it is best to select memory foam at a greater thickness.

Alternatively, you may consider creating a comfortable outdoor seating area in an alcove of your garden or patio. For outdoor furniture, it is common to see reticulated polyether foam used as it is resistant to mildew and moisture. Frequently known to be used in marine environments and aquatic tanks, reticulated polyether foam has an open-cell structure that allows water to run straight through it. However, as it is not designed for seating applications it may not be the most comfortable or durable option. It is better suited for outdoor alcoves that serve more of a decorative purpose than functional, although it is still both suitable and comfortable for occasional, infrequent use. Polyurethane foams are more suited for outdoor seating, providing comfort for frequent use and waterproof covers are widely available in the UK for protection from weather elements.

Whatever your project, all is possible with eFoam’s cut to size capabilities. From large scale outdoor seating projects to indoor personal spaces, all types of foam can be cut to every size and grade. For assistance, please contact one of our friendly advisers.

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