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Camping is one of the UK’s favourite activities. Thousands of people pack their tents and make their way to the wilderness each year, with the industry bringing £2.5bn in revenue 2019. However, it’s no strange thing to admit that camping is not for all.

Glamping has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years, with many organisations offering the promise of furnished, pre-prepared camping spaces in luxury idyllic settings and at festivals. With some of these “tents” on offer for hundreds to thousands of pounds per night, it’s not an option that is available for all. Many keen campers, as a result, are seeking alternative ways to make themselves comfortable without blowing their entire camping budget.

A common and popular item used by campers to aid with comfort is the trusty air bed, however, these often vary in quality. It is often a source of frustration when this same air bed suffers a puncture, or you forget to pack the pump to inflate it. Now, more and more people are turning to high-quality foam bedding options that are comfier and more compact than you’d expect.

camping foam mat cushion

Closed Cell polyethylene foam mats are a popular option for many campers, whilst some prefer High density polyurethane foam. Both of these foams can easily be rolled up and tied depending on the thickness, and are incredibly lightweight, ready for easy transportation.

Foam can also be used as an accompanying accessory when on camping trips. For example, foam seat cushions are popular purchases for those using camping chairs, which are frequently complained about by many due to their poor comfort and support. Instead of spending money on a bulky, high-end camping chair for example, a seat cushion is an excellent investment. In addition, others may wish to invest in a foam pillow that is easily compactable, durable and comfortable to take on such trips. With many still struggling with uncomfortable inflatable pillows, it’s simply not worth the fuss.

At eFoam, we can supply your desired foam cut to size, thickness and shape, meaning seat cushions and pillows can be tailored to your exact specifications at a fraction of the cost.

camping glamping foam cushion

For those not keen on camping in a tent, they may decide to hire or purchase a campervan to accompany them on their adventures. Although they are known to provide better accommodation and warmth, not all campervans are comfortable. For this reason, many seek a cheap option to help aid their comfort when renting a campervan, for example. A high-medium density foam sheet of relatively low thickness can be easily rolled out on top of a camp bed to supplement a mattress. Alternatively, should you wish to use this on a frequent basis, a thin high-density foam sheet is flexible enough to be easily folded away on every occasion but not to the detriment of its quality, comfort and durability.

Should you wish to discuss how foam mattresses, foam pillows, foam cushions and other apparel can assist your camping trips, please do contact one of our friendly advisers.

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