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Foam for funerals

Foam for funerals

Funerals are a sensitive matter, whatever the circumstances. There are many different considerations to take into account, and a number of choices to be made. Sometimes it is difficult to know where to begin, but there are several ways that the process of organising a funeral can be simplified.

Usually there are a few things to be considered that are not usually first thought of. Flowers are, of course, an essential item for many when planning a funeral, but these usually come at a considerable cost. Some individuals desire to make their flower choices more personal and as they do not feel that buying pre-prepared flowers from a florist ticks that box. An alternative and therapeutic exercise for many is to consider making your own floral arrangement, such as a casket spray or small decorative bouquet to be placed inside the casket itself.

At eFoam, we are suppliers for both individuals and the trade, however, we are well equipped to assist you even in the most sensitive of circumstances. Should you choose to create your own casket spray, we are able to support you in choosing the correct foam base. For example, we usually recommend a very high-density polyurethane foam, which can be easily pierced before the insertion of flower stems. Foam is an excellent choice for this purpose as it is appropriately supportive, and can withhold a small amount of water to ensure your flowers stay fresh.

Foam can also be used to create several standalone elements or decorations at a funeral. For example, instead of making a floral casket spray, you may wish to create smaller standing floral arrangements to accompany a cremation stone, plaque, or as decorations for a church. For a small circular bouquet, we’d recommend a square block 6 x 6 inches made from medium-high density polyurethane foam for which stems, twigs and other decorative items can be inserted and secured. For flowers and decorations of a greater weight, we’d recommend a larger block of rigid polyethylene foam for effective support. Should you wish to achieve a custom shape, we can accommodate this with our foam cut to size service.

Flower arranging foam

Another less thought of choice to make is your decision on the lining of the coffin. Many funeral directors will likely offer a limited choice of coffins as a part of a funeral package, but many may significantly increase the price depending on the lining of the coffin that you choose. For example, many are lined with a relatively thin polyurethane foam sheet before being covered with a select material such as silk, velvet or taffeta. However, should you wish to have a custom lining made via a third-party supplier, you will likely need to supply the materials yourself. eFoam is able to offer a foam of your choice that can be cut to the exact measurements.

eFoam appreciates that this is likely a highly sensitive time, and we are committed to supporting our customers in such circumstances with dignity, understanding and expertise. Should you wish to discuss your requirements with a friendly eFoam representative, please contact us.

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