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Foam for lorries

Foam for lorries

Foam is used in a wide range of settings, mostly to improve and maintain comfort. One of these settings is within lorries, as drivers spend up to 10 hours a day driving. This is without taking into the account the additional time spent by the driver in the cab, such as when they sleep and take rest breaks. There are an array of foam types and grades used by lorry drivers globally.

Lorry drivers play a vital role in the UK’s economy as they transport over 80% percent of goods consumed by the UK population each year. In addition, road freight carried by UK-registered HGVs contributes an estimated £22.9 billion a year to the economy. These figures undoubtedly mean that lorry drivers play a vital role in providing a range of everyday and essential goods and services.

To ensure that the flow of lorry freight is maintained, drivers must be both well-equipped and comfortable on their journeys. This is already implemented through a range of procedures such as limited driving times and proper rest breaks. However, whilst on the move, physical comfort is also paramount. This can be assisted in two main ways: comfort whilst sitting and driving, and comfort whilst sleeping in the cab.

foam for sleeper cab in lorry

Enhanced foam seat cushions are commonly adopted by drivers in addition to their specialist driving seats. These specialist seat cushions, usually cut to size and shape from either memory foam or high-density polyurethane foam, aid with the reduction of lower back pain, sciatica and pressure on the coccyx. Furthermore, these foam seats are usually curved to fit the natural shape of the body, enhancing sitting posture and reducing discomfort by properly supporting and distributing the body weight pressure. Reduction of any possible pain is vital to prevent numbness and driver fatigue, which can jeopardise safety.

It is estimated that 40% of collisions that involve HGVs occur as a result of driver fatigue, accounting for over 20,000 accidents on the UK’s roads alone. These can be minimised by improving a driver’s sleep quality. Foam mattresses for lorries can come in a range of shapes and sizes, and usually consist of either firm or medium-firm polyurethane foam. Of course, these can be made to a driver’s specification and some choose memory foam should budget allow. Alternatively, a driver or truck company can select from a 50/50 mix of regular polyurethane and memory foam.

foam for lorry driver

High density foam is an excellent choice should you require a mattress of a thinner depth, as it will easily maintain shape and appropriately support the body. Alternatively, medium-high density is another popular choice, offering both adequate comfort and support. Should a driver be spending a prolonged amount of time on the road and therefore needing to sleep in the cab regularly, a memory foam mattress is the most luxurious option. All mattress types, grades and depths are available cut to size from eFoam – no cabin size, shape or requirement is too complex.

Should you require any assistance when looking to purchase a foam seat support or mattress for a lorry, please do contact one of our friendly advisers today. We welcome all enquiries from individual drivers and large-scale haulage organisations.

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