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Foam for offices

Office desk foam cushion

Office workers tend to get a lot of criticism for their poor posture and inappropriate workstation equipment. Most people who spend a lot of time stationary are at high risk of musculoskeletal problems and chronic pain, which in turn can impact an individual’s long-term productivity and health at work.

Being aware of your posture when sat at a desk is easier said than done, especially when you are focusing on the job in hand rather than your body’s resting position. However, investing in appropriate foam supports can assist with the maintenance of proper posture when your attention is diverted from your seating position. Foam blocks, back supports and angled foot rests encourage the adoption of ergonomic positions that offer support.

There are a range of common complaints from office workers, including backache from maintaining slouched positions, neck strains due to poor workstation set-ups, and hip pain from misalignment caused by crossing ankles and legs. Furthermore, many express pain in the lower back. This is a frequent result of improper sitting positions that ultimately cause wear and tear on the spinal discs. However, the effects of working in an office can be mitigated with a few easy-to-implement foam supports and habits.

Lumbar desk chair supports are the most common form of foam support. These supports encourage the maintenance of a neutral spine position and offer relief to one of the most common issues encountered by office workers. Commonly made from memory foam, these back supports are placed on the backrest of the chair and offer medium-high density ergonomic support for the spine, regardless of your body shape. These cushions assist with straightening and correcting posture, offering support for the natural arcs of the lower back.

Memory foam and high-density polyurethane foam cushions are also popular for postural support. These cushions enable you to sit without placing pressure on your coccyx and subsequently reduce strain on the base of the spine. Under-seat cushions also help with sciatica by softening the seat and alleviating the amount of pressure on nerves in the leg. Most significantly, a number of these cushions are curved in the middle to comfortably separate the legs. In turn, this encourages you to refrain from crossing your legs and angles and maintain a neutral sitting position without placing strain on the hips.

Office seat foam support

Furthermore, both flat and angled footrests help to reduce poor blood circulation when sitting for long periods of time. An angled footrest is an excellent piece of ergonomic equipment that reduces the risk of developing blood clots and varicose veins, and also works to reduce tension in the back by minimising the weight load on the lower limbs. Footrests made from high-density angled polyurethane foam encourage you to repeatedly shift the weight to different areas of the foot.

A huge range of foam supports and lumbar devices are available online - many at a very cheap price. However, the one-size-fits-all option ironically does not suit all. Ergonomic supports should be personalised and tailored to fit your needs in order to be most effective. At eFoam, we specialise in cutting all types and grades of foam that can assist you with creating the perfect foam footrest, back support or seat cushion that personally suits your requirements. For those who are seeking proper postural support without compromise or significant costs, our cut to size capabilities may be the best solution for you.

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