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Foam for party decorations

Foam party decorations

When hosting a celebration, decorations are key! With the influence of Instagram and other social media platforms, many of us are finding new and creative ways to make our venue look party perfect. In addition to traditional decorations like single balloons, confetti, and banners, photo-worthy backgrounds are becoming all the craze. Whether indoor or outdoor, there are a range of decorative solutions available.

The most popular oversized decorations are number or letter party balloons that are more than a metre each in size. These make excellent backdrops and are great for creating eye-catching centrepieces for functions in larger venues, homes, and gardens. Numbers and letters are most common and are often accompanied by other balloons and more. However, if used outside, wind and colder temperatures can prove problematic. Nobody wants such large balloons flying all over the place, and helium-filled balloons appear to deflate with a wind chill.

That said, helium balloon-based decorations are not the cheapest investment, and they typically also last only a few days. A cost-effective and impactful alternative is standalone foam numbers and letters, which can be created to a specified size and depth using our cut-to-size online tool. Made out of very high-density foam, these decorations can stand tall in any area and can be easily affixed to the floor for extra stability. Likewise, whether cold, wind, or rain, the weather need not be a problem as the right foam is not affected! These decorations are long-lasting, reusable, and can even be sold or gifted when no longer needed, making them the perfect sustainable decoration.

Foam letters party decor

With foam decorations, you are free to customise and decorate them as you wish. After giving them a foam coat – a specialist type of paint-like coat – you can use sequins, glitter and more to embellish your foam letters or numbers. With the right preparation, foam can also be hand-painted and spray painted, and a whole range of decorative items can be added on using an all-purpose adhesive. If your decoration is to be placed outside, it's worth using waterproof adhesive glues, paints and more, just in case it rains. You may also want to opt for a closed-cell polyurethane foam that is waterproof & sturdy.

To order your custom letters or numbers, you can sketch your design on some A4 paper and give your foam piece's desired width, height, and depth. This can either be posted or emailed to us, and you can also specify the type of foam you would like to use. This means that if you are ordering a large decoration, you need not worry about drawing the template design out to size!

Foam decorations are an excellent choice for large decorations for children's parties and other events. Being lightweight and without any string, they are a safe option. Our foams at eFoam are non-toxic and are made without the use of harmful chemicals often found in foams when ordered from elsewhere, including from abroad. Decorating the foam can also be a fun activity and become a central point of a birthday activity-type party.

For more information or guidance on ordering your foam letter, number, or other decoration, contact one of our friendly colleagues.

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