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Foam for storage solutions at home

Foam for home storage

Foam is a fantastic material that can be used in a range of home storage solutions. From padded boxes and cases to ‘pre cubed’ foam compartments, it can be used for both the storage of fragile items as well as everyday household items.

There is the common belief that foam is only suitable for the storage of expensive equipment, such as cameras for example. However, it is in fact a versatile material that can be used to line certain storage boxes and add a degree of protection to items stored in hard containers. Take Christmas decorations, for example. Many of these are incredibly fragile, although not all necessarily require specialist packaging like pre cubed foam. Instead, the storage container can simply be lined with a foam sheet or a layer of convoluted packaging foam to ensure the items are stored safely.

For some items, pre cubed foam is the most appropriate storage material. Depending on the item looking to be stored, the two most popular types of pre cubed foam are high-load bearing open cell polyurethane foam, and white Ethafoam very-high-load bearing semi-rigid foam, which is ideal for the storage of heavier items and equipment. Pre cubed foam is a great choice for those looking to store ornaments, electrical equipment and other delicate items as it is an easy to use solution. Simply cut out the desired shape from the foam and pull it out to create the perfect fitting compartment.

Pre cubed storage foam

Foam is also recognised for its numerous safety qualities. In turn, this makes it a good material to protect children from solid corners on storage boxes and other hard surfaces. Many children have solid toy chests that pose a certain danger to young children, however, foam protectors can be cut and fitted to the corners and edges of these storage boxes to minimise any accidents as a result of sharp edges.

As an alternative option, solid foam blocks can be hollowed out to become their very own small, standalone storage boxes. These can then be used for the storage of soft objects and other items such as children’s toys. Both rigid enough to withstand the weight of items stored and soft enough to prevent any inflicted injury, hollowed foam cube storage boxes are a fantastic option for young children. With eFoam’s cut to size capabilities, any shape or sized foam ‘box’ can be created as per your exact requirements.

If you are not wanting to use boxes, foam sheets are another brilliant option. Made of thin yet protective polyurethane foam, they can be used to wrap items individually. Of course, the benefits of wrapping individually mean that you need not be so specific about where to store items and whether they will fit in a certain protective container.

Foam sheets for storage

A similar, more cost-effective option is use of a reconstituted foam sheet which can be used to pad out boxes. Made from recycled offcuts of foam, it naturally comes at a lower cost than a standard foam sheet. However, just because it’s recycled does not mean the product compromises on quality - it is just as durable, protective and long lasting as other protective foam components.

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