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Foam in care settings

Carehome foam mattress

Those who work in care settings are no strangers to foam. From hospitals and nursing homes to hospices, there are a range of ways in which foam is used. Unsurprisingly, many care settings use a wide variety of grades, thicknesses and types of foam.

For those who have been unfortunate to experience an overnight stay in care facility such as a hospital or respite home, foam mattresses have helped to keep you comfortable whilst in bed. Medium-high density foam is commonly used for this application due to its antibacterial properties. Furthermore, foam of this sort is both praised and recognised for its ability to minimise and prevent pressure sores – a common and uncomfortable problem for those who spend a considerable amount of time immobile.

Memory foam mattresses and seats are also praised by medical professionals as they are used to support the main approach for preventing pressure sores and ulcers. As an orthopaedic support, memory foam mattresses accurately distribute bodyweight and conform to the shape of the body. Alternatively, high-density convoluted or cubed foams are frequently used as a support to redistribute pressure over a larger surface contact area.

Foam carehome comfort

Foam can also be cut into an array of shapes and used as a fantastic support device. For example, angled foam blocks are used as orthopaedic footrests to maintain blood flow and foot positioning. Furthermore, small curved foam blocks are frequently used as a lumbar support device for those spending a considerable amount of time in an armchair or wheelchair. Those sitting stationary can also find comfort in a number of specialist-cut neck supports, which can either wrap around the neck or be placed either side.

In care facilities, foam is also found in a number of assisted care devices including commodes, hoists and raised toilet seats. High-density polyurethane foam is frequently used in such cases for its durable, hygienic qualities and for providing appropriate comfort when in use. In medical hoists, for example, foam blocks cut to a variety of shapes can be used as neck and back supports by being placed in the hammock when a patient is being moved. This ensures the correct positioning of the body is maintained in order to prevent injury.

High-density polyurethane foam is also used in other activities involving patient movement. Transportation mats, for example, are placed under patients who are bed-bound in order to safely lift and slide them onto a transportation trolley. In addition, these strong polyurethane mats are commonly used in care settings when a patient needs to be turned or rolled onto their side to allow staff access for medical procedures or to wash a patient. Furthermore, foam is commonly used in powered armchairs. As foam can be cut to size and shape, they are an excellent stuffing material that is able to bend and re-shape in relation to automatic movement of a chair – from reclining to tipping forward.

eFoam is the leading supplier of polyurethane foam for care settings, making high-quality foam materials accessible and affordable for all. Should you require any assistance with regards to foam for care environments, please contact us.

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