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Foam for Foam Pits

Foam pit

Extreme Sports / BMX / Trampoline Park / Gym Foam Pits

Foam is a versatile material, though in sporting environments, it is lifesaving too. Commonly used in landing pits and for crashmats in gymnasiums, these foams come in a range of specifications depending on the intended use. From BMX landing foam pits to foam accessories used at trampoline parks, there is wide variety in the ways foam is utilised.

When considering the purchase of foam for such applications, it is important to remember that these foams come in a range of grades, thicknesses and shapes – some of which are better suited to certain applications. For example, the foam chosen for landing pits used by professional gymnasts varies from that used in more casual gymnastic settings, such as children’s classes – it is usually denser and present in foam pits that are greater in depth.

Gym pit foam cubes grey blue

Furthermore, it is worth considering how the difference between daily or occasional use will impact the longevity of foam cuts. Even though foam is an incredibly durable and versatile material, its lifespan could be shorter if it is in a trampoline park pit used by the general public. Unfortunately, not all guests will be the most considerate, nor follow the rules, meaning that foam may be more easily damaged. However, a thicker, close-bonded foam – such as that used for extreme sports and BMX pits - can help to rectify this. Choosing an appropriate foam is all about balancing a range of factors, from comfort and safety to durability.

In trampoline parks and gymnasiums, it is best to opt for large foam blocks such as 8-inch cubes. These large blocks allow for a greater amount of space between cubes and subsequently increase the foam’s ability to absorb impact. However, there are other considerations to think of when building a foam pit – foam is also required to ‘line’ your pit. Many suppliers will recommend flat foam mats of 1.25” thickness, however, for premium safety, we would recommend choosing a closed-cell polyethylene sheet of at least 2” thick. We also advise for your pit to be at least 2 metres deep – no customer or gymnast fancies hitting the bottom!

Trampoline parks have also driven the rise in demand for other foam shapes. With areas for balance-pole battles - whereby players attempt to knock each other off a beam and into a foam pit – you may be looking for polyurethane foam that can be cut to size and a specific shape. From cylinder batons to triangle corner buffers for the edge of a pit, we supply an endless range of additional foam products.

Gym pit foam cubes

For extreme sports and high-impact activities, it is best to use foam of an incredibly high density, such as reconstituted foam. Using this durable specialist foam will, most importantly, survive the test against wheels, handlebars and skateboards landing from speed and height. Known to provide a firmer landing, this foam is better suited to protecting BMX bikes and other extreme sports equipment from damage.

Foam can also be used in gymnasium settings in the form of mats. At eFoam, we provide foam “block mats” created from high-density reconstituted foam that are available in thicknesses of 1” or 2”. Formed from foam offcuts that have been compacted and bonded together, this foam is incredibly resilient and suitable for constant use. These are most appropriate for regular floor work and body conditioning, and are designed to reduce the strain on body pressure points.

Should you wish to discuss your requirements with an eFoam representative, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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