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Foam for sofa or chair beds

Foam for sofa & chair beds

Chair beds and sofa beds are a great choice for those looking to host overnight guests. In the UK, they are incredibly popular – most notably due to most British homes not having a spare bedroom to accommodate visitors. However, given chair and sofa beds are a permanent feature in the home once purchased, you are likely to spend time on finding the most suitable option for your needs, budget, and space in the home.

There is an ongoing debate as to whether chair beds or sofa beds are best. Many outlets offering these products also use these terms interchangeably, yet there are often a few fundamental differences between the two. The most obvious difference is in size, as chair beds typically accommodate one person and fold into the size of a single arm chair. Sofa beds on the other hand are usually suitable for two people, spanning the width of a standard sofa and often folding within the main body of a sofa module. With this in mind, how do you choose the most appropriate option?

The size of your space in the home is likely the most key consideration. Despite many UK homes having small ‘box’ rooms, many are tempted to install a full-size or small sofa bed to maximise sleeping space. Yet how often do you have visitors to stay? If your answer is ‘Not often’, then its best to consider a single chair bed. These have skyrocketed in recent years, most notably fuelled by interior design specialists showing bedroom ideas for small spaces on Pinterest and similar sites. These chair beds most commonly come in a folded ‘Z’ shape, and due to their compact size, are often made from strong, high-quality materials to give a premium finish. These can be used to complement every type of small space, regardless of room design.

Folding foam mattress

If you frequently host guests, their comfort is probably the greatest influencer. Given the larger size of sofa beds, they can accommodate a range of different material and mattress types. For example, you could select a sofa bed with a memory foam mattress, a combination mattress (memory foam and standard polyurethane) or a stacked foam mattress consisting of different types of foam layers – these choices can be made wholly on your comfort, support and sleep requirements. Chair beds on the other hand are typically created with a very high-density polyurethane foam in order to help the product retain its shape when folded up and used as a standard chair.

Regardless of your product choice, the foam filling in your sofa or chair bed will likely need rejuvenating at some stage. For modular sofa beds, like those that simply lay back to form a flat surface, you may find your cushion components needing to be replaced earlier than first assumed. For this, eFoam offers its easy sofa cushion refill service, giving you a choice of foam fillings that are cut to size. What’s better is that we can re-fill your cushions for you, regardless of your chair or sofa bed type and composition – just send them to us!

Should you wish to discuss your sofa or chair bed requirements, contact of our friendly advisers. Whatever your choice of sleep solution, eFoam is always on hand to keep it in top condition!

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