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Garden Furniture Foam

Garden furniture foam

Garden furniture is an excellent addition to any outdoor space - whether a lawn, patio or balcony - that provides a comfortable area to relax and enjoy nature. Depending on the space you have available, there are various types of garden furniture available that can transform your outdoor area.

When choosing your garden furniture, it is important to consider the materials used and its overall design. One important part of garden furniture that influences the comfort it offers is the materials used in the cushions and seats. Specialist outdoor foam is used in this type of furniture, which is designed with comfort, durability and weather resistance in mind.

Why is garden furniture important?

Garden furniture is essential for crafting an outdoor space that is inviting and relaxing. For those living in smaller spaces, creating a welcoming and comfortable outdoor spot is important for extending the living space of the home, particularly when socialising with friends.

What is most garden furniture made of?

Garden furniture is typically made from a range of materials that are able to withstand changing weather conditions, and the most popular materials used are wood, metal, plastic and rattan/wicker. These are available at different price points depending on the design, quality or brand of the furniture.

Some garden furniture is totally soft. For example, foam or polystyrene-based outdoor bean bags are also available to purchase.

Garden seating foams

What is the best foam to use in outdoor garden furniture?

The foam most commonly found in garden furniture is high density ‘outdoor’ foam. This type of foam has great qualities that ensure it can withstand the elements. For example, it has excellent water resistance, is able to dry quickly, and is also resistant to mould and mildew as a result. Open-celled foam is also incredibly durable, making it suitable for repeated use, and it is also reasonably resistant to sun exposure - essential for a life outdoors!

Given its high density, it is also known for being incredibly comfortable yet able to retain its shape and support. This is despite being exposed to varying weather conditions and temperatures. It offers suitable weight distribution for the user and experiences little sag over time. With this type of foam, your garden furniture should last well.

When choosing garden furniture, you should check that any foam used within the cushions or seat pads is a high density open-celled foam. It may not guarantee the longevity of your furniture with repeated use, but it will certainly extend its life. Similarly, you should look to select a foam that has been specially treated with antimicrobial agents, where possible, to further protect from mould and bacteria growth.

If you are looking for replacement foam for garden furniture, you can also select standard polyurethane foam if you intend on applying waterproof outer covers.

Should you require any help when ordering outdoor foam for your garden furniture, please contact one of our friendly advisers.

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