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How to make a paper template for foam

Tools for making a paper template

Efoam can cut to size and shape; a wide range of shapes are already available on our website. However, should you require a custom shape that is not shown on our shapes page we can provide you with a bespoke shape by following a paper template/pattern.

Here is a simple step by step guide on how to produce a paper template/pattern from scratch:

Firstly, some of the tools you may need are paper, pen/pencil, ruler/tape measure, scissors, Sellotape.

paper joined for larger templates

Step 1:

Prepare your paper to the full size you will require. You can use any paper such as newspaper, wallpaper, or multiple sheets of A4 paper for larger patterns that can be joined together with Sellotape.

shape of cover drawn round onto paper

Step 2:

Place the outer cover on to the paper and carefully draw around it. Please do not use your old foam as a guide, as the foam will have deformed or collapsed, use the outer cover only.

template cutout ready to use on foam

Step 3:

Now you have your full-scale custom shape drawn on the paper, carefully cut the shape out using scissors.

Step 4:

custom cut foam from template

Post your full-sized pattern to us along with your contact details and our sales team will contact you on receipt.

If you are planning to add a polyfibre wrap to your cushions, you do not need to make any allowances for this when taking your measurements. Polyfibre wrap compresses to fill out your covers nicely.

For replacing old cushion fillings, always measure between the seams of the outer cover. We advise to add ½” – 1” to the thickness measurement only depending on how much extra fullness you would like in your cushion. Alternatively, you can send your covers to us instead of making a paper template with our ‘Easy Cushion Refilling Service’.

Should you wish to discuss your requirements further, please contact our experienced team who will be happy to assist.

We also have useful video guides on how to measure your covers accurately if you are unsure.

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