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IKEA Hack – lack foam storage table

Lack table foam storage

With many of us looking to make our living spaces more clutter-free, innovative storage solutions are growing in popularity – particularly furniture items with hidden storage. Arguably the most famous storage furniture family is the ottoman footstool, found in many homes throughout the UK. However, where an ottoman isn’t suitable or is perhaps too large, an upgraded IKEA Lack table may be the answer.

The Lack tabletop has a suitable depth to be turned into a storage space. By hollowing out the tabletop inside, a handy storage solution can be created for small items and other household trinkets. Alternatively, it can also be used as a technology storage point for mobile phones, iPads and eReaders. For such delicate items, the inside of this space can be lined with a very thin foam sheet such as polyethylene foam. For more specialist storage (whatever that may be for!), pre cubed foam inserts or packaging foam can be placed inside this area.

To begin creating a hinge top Lack storage table, you’ll need eight wooden batons measuring 55cm in length and 7cm in depth and 10cm in thickness. First, turn your table upside down, remove the legs, and lay the batons on top towards the edges. Next, draw around the batons and remove them. Then, taking a Stanley knife, proceed to cut around the inside line to hollow out a large square section of the underside panel – this will become the storage area. Do this as neatly as possible as this square piece will be required later. Finally, proceed to remove the honeycomb-style innards.

foam storage table hack

Next, cut the lengths of your wooden batons to size, ensuring that they fit snugly together to form a square when they are placed around the insides of the table. For the remaining square under-sheet just removed, cut your remaining four batons to size so that they also fit towards the edges. This will become your top component piece. So, to ensure that the top and bottom batons align, the batons will need to be overhung around the edges of your under-sheet piece. Before proceeding, ensure that both the lid and table tray pieces align together properly when closed and that there is sufficient room within the storage tray element.

You will then need two small door hinge components. On one side of the table, measure an equal distance apart for these two pieces. For the table to close correctly, you will need to cut around the two hinges and hollow out a small section of the required batons, approximately 1cm deep. Once happy, affix your hinges to the two corresponding pieces and then proceed to glue all eight batons in place and leave them overnight. You can then proceed to decorate the table with white spray paint so that it matches the outside.

Furthermore, you may consider measuring the total inside space of the storage section and ordering pre cubed foam or other packaging foam for storing more delicate items. We recommend ordering a closed-cell foam sheet approximately 3mm in thickness and using a Stanley knife to cut and affix this to the inside tray for a generic storage table, or we can supply this foam cut to size for you.

For any queries relating to foam for IKEA hack activities, please contact us.

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