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10 Fascinating Facts About Memory Foam

Interesting facts about memory foam

If you’ve been considering getting a new mattress and memory foam has caught your attention, then it’s time to find out more.

To play our part in this, we’ve collected ten fascinating facts about memory foam so that you can get your thoughts in order about this fascinating foam. It would help if you had solid education before making your purchase to know what you’re signing up for.

Anyone who has performed online research will know that it generally breaks down into three different forms – science, data, and customer reviews. They all play a part, although you may find some reviews that aren’t fully honest as paid reviewers write them, and others like to complain. But for the science and the data, it can be more reliable depending on which sites you source it from.

We’ve done some of this research for you, and of course, we have our own experience and knowledge about this foam, as we’ve had years of experience in this industry. However, here are a few pointers that you need to know:

1. Memory foam will adjust to the shape of your body. The materials used in memory foam are designed to change based on the heat of your body. Memory foam mattresses are so pliable and flexible that they will mould around your body as you rest. The results of this is that your body weight is actively distributed. When you stand up, you’ll notice that the mattress will return to its original shape.

2. Reduce allergies with memory foam. Memory foam density means that allergens such as pet dander, dust mites, or bed bugs cannot find a hiding place. There’s nowhere for dust and dander to collect, and the fibres of the polyurethane foam also deter the collection of allergens.

3. Enjoy the comfort of the memory foam. People who sleep on a memory foam mattress report less discomfort and reduced body aches and pains. On a traditional style mattress, you’ll experience the sensation of there being stress put onto pressure points. However, memory foam will support your body evenly, and therefore you won’t have that extra pressure on specific spots.

Why choose memory foam?

4. Memory foam does not move when people get in and out. If you don’t sleep alone, you’ll typically get some movement on a conventional mattress when somebody gets out of the bed. However, memory foam isn’t made up of the same components and is more solid and therefore does not transfer motion. Even if your partner twists and turns all night, you won’t feel it.

5. Comfortable for side sleepers. Most people are side sleepers, but surprisingly, most beds are not typically designed for this position. Memory foam will support all your body and align with your hips and shoulders to give that extra support and have less pressure.

6. Memory foam was initially made for NASA. The NASA astronauts need something to cushion their landing, and memory foam is a great solution. It was then used in hospitals to help those who had bed rest and for wheelchairs. Long before it was used as a mattress, it had a history of use. See our other blog article on this.

7. Memory foam is non-toxic. Although memory foam is a synthetic material, it’s not necessarily harmful. The chemicals used in it are non-toxic to humans, and therefore it’s safe to use this material around babies, children and people of every age.

8. Expect a strong smell with your newly purchased memory foam, but this will disappear fast. There is a strong smell when you first receive your memory foam, but that will soon go. It’s just the initial stages when the foam is fresh from the factory. There’s no need to be concerned as it’s very safe. It just has an initial scent.

9. Densities. Memory foam comes in a range of densities, but generally, it’s far denser than the traditional style mattress. When buying a mattress, get one with a Coolmax cover and you’ll stay cool and comfortable, even after movement. Everything you need for a good night’s sleep.

10. Memory foam comes in different thicknesses. A thicker mattress will typically be far softer than a thinner one.

Now you have all the facts you need to make an informed decision whether a memory foam mattress or memory foam topper is right for you.

Check out our premium memory foam mattresses on our dedicated foam mattresses & toppers page. If you have any questions, get in touch. Our team are very accommodating when it comes to helping customers find the perfect product or foam size and style for their home project. We also supply memory foam in bulk to commercial enterprises that can be cut to size and shape.

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