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Memory foam pillow guide

Efoam Memory foam pillows

The popularity of memory foam pillows has skyrocketed in recent years following the rise in our growing love for memory foam mattresses. Memory foam pillows are the perfect counterpart for those wanting to achieve a premium supported sleep experience.

Memory foam mattresses and pillows are now widely available in the UK market, and as such, are widely accessible for all in terms of price. However, this does not necessarily mean that all memory foam products are made to the same quality. With memory foam pillows available from a little as £15, the principle of ‘you get what you pay for’ still stands. One way of avoiding this pitfall whilst still achieving the satisfaction of a good value product is to order your very own high-quality custom memory foam pillow by cutting out the high street middleman. Available from eFoam, a cut to size memory foam pillow is a far better option when looking for a product to personally suit your comfort and support needs.

Custom foam pillows

Memory foam pillows are popular for their supportive qualities and are praised for the way they support the contours of the head and neck. The material make up of memory foam also assists with the even distribution of weight from the head and neck, the release of pressure, and the mitigation of resulting neck and back pains. Furthermore, just like memory foam mattresses, these very pillows enable the neck and back muscles to fully relax and recover, free from any strain or pressure.

On the high street, memory foam pillows are commonly found in two shapes: contour or traditional. However, independent suppliers like eFoam can provide a completely custom designed and made option. This is an excellent choice should you wish your pillow to be of a specific shape, size or height. Custom made memory foam pillows still encompass the same excellent health benefits of high-street bought ‘luxury’ labels – they are hypoallergenic and antibacterial, making them perfect for asthma and allergy sufferers.

Wedge memory foam pillows are an excellent choice for those who need to be raised upright in bed ever so slightly. These are appropriately designed to ensure proper upper spinal support to avoid damage and neck pain. Alternatively, traditional shape pillows are an excellent all-round option for first-time memory foam pillow purchasers, with the generic pillow shape making the transition from feather to memory foam far smoother and comfortable.

foam pillows by eFoam

Memory foam pillows are also incredibly cost effective – even more so if you buy directly from a foam cut-to-size supplier such as eFoam. As they are excellent at maintaining their shape, memory foam pillows tend to have a longer lifetime than traditional pillows, making them more cost efficient. Though the initial upfront cost may be slightly higher, they are far better value for money once you take into account the cost of replacing standard pillows over the same length of time.

Memory foam pillows are best effective when used in conjunction with memory foam mattresses and mattress toppers. Should you wish to discuss how eFoam can support your search for the perfect memory foam product, please contact us.

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