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Pool filter foams

Filter foams for pools

A swimming pool is a considerable investment but paying for its upkeep shouldn’t be. Despite the subtle maintenance differences between indoor and outdoor swimming pools, there are still many factors to consider for both. Keeping your swimming pool clean of physical debris is likely to be at the top of the agenda, which goes hand in hand with ensuring it is sanitary.

For removing physical debris that is visible to the eye, most pool owners have a net to scoop out any contaminants. However, much of the bacteria-causing bacteria in pools is often caused by smaller debris and particles that require specialist filtration systems. These can be expensive – their ‘specialist’ name is usually the cause of this. However, many of these systems are simple, and high cost doesn’t necessarily mean higher quality.

The most popular pool filters on the market are ‘paper’ polyester based cartridge filters. Home swimming pools use these cartridge filters as they are a simple, tried and tested solution for trapping dirt and debris in a similar way to that of sand filters (which are the more expensive filter counterparts that are often used in large public swimming pools). Cartridge filters are either made of spun polyester, or a combination of reticulated foams and polyester, supported by a PVC core. However, due to their pleated spun polyester composition, they do tend to clog easily.

Foam for swimming pool filters

Alternatively, pressure-fed water filters - also known as sand filters - are used in larger and public pools due to their advanced filtration qualities. Yet these do come at a significant cost (in terms of install and upkeep) and typically need replacing every five years. These filters are not commonly found in home pools.

Although filter cartridges are available at an accessible price, they do not last long, and for this reason nor are they eco-friendly. Those with cartridge filters find that they need to be replaced often, meaning they soon become an unnecessary wasteful cost. This is where foam can be an excellent solution. Reticulated foam – commonly used for aquatic filtration – offers the same level of filtration to that of a cartridge filter. As an is an open-cell polyether-based polyurethane foam, it is chemically stable and reduces bio-waste in water. It is also resistant to humidity, soap, oils and lubricants.

Whereas some polyester cartridges need to be replaced on a weekly basis during times of heavy usage, a foam cartridge is hand-washable several times over. As these foam cartridges are reusable, your initial investment will soon outweigh the cost of single use cartridges as they are designed to last two months or more depending on usage. Using eFoam’s cut to size capabilities, we can create a foam filter cartridge to your exact specification and requirements – even to your desired filter strength. By contacting us directly with your exact measurements, we can create a pool filter solution suitable for you.

At eFoam, we can provide a high-quality, cost-effective and custom-made solution for you. Quality service and personalised products need not to come at a significant cost. As the UK’s leading foam manufacturer and supplier to both individual customers and trade, eFoam is the retailer of choice for all foam types. Should you require any assistance or advice regarding your foam pool filter, please contact us.

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