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Sprung vs. Foam mattress

Sprung or Foam mattress?

Buying a new mattress is a sizeable investment, and it’s understandable that you are keen to get it right. With there being so many options to choose from, it is often difficult to understand which mattress type will best suit your needs. From pocket-sprung to coil-sprung, to latex and memory foam, how do you choose? More importantly, how do you choose the appropriate mattress in light of both your physical and medical needs, and comfort requirements?

Typical preferences that frequently inform a decision on mattress type include firmness, your own sleeping position, problem pains and discomfort, and certain medical requirements. That said, the most popular mattress in the UK is the pocket-sprung mattress. This mattress type provides support across the entire body and in turn, what people feel to be a comfortable night’s rest – particularly if you share your bed with a partner. As each spring is able to move independently, these mattresses typically prevent the ‘roll-together’ feeling often encountered when sharing a bed.

Alternatively, open coil-sprung mattresses are the traditional option, and provide good value for money coming in a range of comfort grades. Typically, available in medium to firm options, some people do feel that these mattresses dip with prolonged use and also report the ‘roll-together’ problem that many couples experience. With these mattresses, you can often feel your partner’s movements. Furthermore, with their added firmness, they are often uncomfortable for individuals who suffer from back and hip pains.

Some sprung mattresses can also be unsuitable for those with allergies as they are often filled with natural materials such as lambswool. Furthermore, some may find them quite heavy and therefore difficult to turn over. However, if it is only the comfort factor that is preventing you from purchasing a sprung mattress, it is worth investing in a foam and/or memory foam mattress topper. These are suitable for a range of orthopaedic and comfort complaints, offering superior luxury and feel at a fraction of the cost. We at eFoam make these to your exact comfort, size and composition specifications.

The perfect foam mattress

Alternatively, another option is a foam mattress. As many individuals may have encountered a low quality, thin foam mattress on an old fold out bed, their thoughts towards them may not always be positive. However, foam mattresses are an excellent choice for those wanting value for money and premium, quality comfort. Foam mattresses – particularly memory foam – offer pressure point relief, motion absorption, personalised comfort and support, washable covers to ensure the mattress is always kept clean, and long-lasting quality without the use of toxic and harmful chemicals.

The benefits of memory foam are seemingly endless, and more on its benefits can be read here. Foam mattresses are suitable for all sleepers – including back, front and side – as they can be custom made by eFoam with these considerations in mind. To achieve your desired comfort and support levels, different foams can be combined to make the perfect solution. For example, for a firmer mattress, you could opt for a denser polyurethane based topped with a thinner memory foam topping. Alternatively, for a more luxurious yet firm feel, your mattress could be half high-density polyurethane, with memory foam making up the top half. The choice is truly yours, and all mattresses can be made to your desired size and depth.

For more advice on foam mattresses and how eFoam can accommodate your needs, please contact us.

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