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Wedge foam cushions

Wedge shaped cushion

There are a wide range of benefits to wedge cushions – all of which can be experienced in a number of settings. Used to angle the body in a certain position, they are praised for their simple yet effective methods for alleviating pain and offering proper postural support. Most popular on the base of an office chair or a driver’s seat, wedge cushions are available in an array of shapes, sizes, densities and foam types.

Tilted wedge seat cushions are commonly used in office settings for a number of reasons. Without them, a lack of ergonomic support can lead to poor circulation, cramping, muscle fatigue, stiffness, numbness, shooting pains, a lack of focus and most notably, neck, back and hip pain. Wedge cushions can alleviate these symptoms by slightly tilting the pelvis forward, which in turn corrects the alignment of the spine to reduce back pain and improve posture. Encouraging your body to engage in ‘active sitting’, wedge seat cushions improve your core muscle strength and can therefore improve your posture when not sat in your seat.

For car seats, wedge cushions at an 8-degree angle are most popular. Most suitable for entirely flat seats, these cushions assist with the posture by encouraging you to adopt an upright sitting position. Wedge cushions are therefore an important accessory to ensure driver safety, as better posture ensures better positioning of the hands on the steering wheel and foot position in alignment to the pedals. Cars with ‘bucket seats’ – i.e. those with a slight dip in their base – better accommodate wedge cushions with an 11-degree tilt. These cushions level off the seat and therefore offer assistance for those who find submerged seats difficult to manoeuvre in and out of.

cut to size foam in wedge shape

Wedge backrest cushions are another popular choice for those seeking better postural support and comfort – both in chairs and in bed. Also known as ‘4-way’ pillows, these can be adjusted in order to lie down, sit up, as extra leg support or for elevation. These wedge pillows are best suited for those who sleep on their back as their elevated nature allows for the natural alignment of the spine. In both reclining armchairs and in bed, wedge pillows help to make sleep and rest easier for those with respiratory problems and acid reflux (by reducing pressure on the airway; eliminating snoring), as well as bad posture.

Like other foam support and comfort products, those commonly available on the high street are often ‘one size fits all’ and the quality cannot be guaranteed. With many big-name brands cashing in on the money to be made from those looking to be more comfortable, there is a significant risk of paying over the odds for a standard or even sub-standard product. At eFoam, we specialise in providing top quality foam products that are completely customisable. We pride ourselves on our cut to size capabilities, giving customers the complete freedom to make a product to their exact requirements in the foam of their choice. Working and supplying directly to consumers and organisations, eFoam can offer the best deal available on the market for the highest quality foam products.

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