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Egg Crate Profile Foam Toppers

eFoam's egg-crate foam mattress toppers are designed to provide maximum comfort all night long, from head to toe, assisting in a whole night's restful sleep.

Egg-crate foam mattress toppers from eFoam are made from fire retardant polyurethane foam, in various densities all at 5cm thick. Reflex superior foams are a popular choice for egg-crate foam mattress toppers and are renowned for their flexible yet supportive nature.

Whilst memory foam is the most well-known choice for mattress toppers, the egg-crate foam has become an increasingly popular alternative. This is mainly due to the egg-crate peaks enabling increased blood flow and airflow underneath you whilst you lay down. They can be used with the peaks facing upwards or downwards, although they are generally placed with the peaks facing upwards.

Medium density egg crate foam topper

Medium density profile foam topper providing softer feel comfort and support.

 at thickness: 
      Price: £

High density egg crate foam topper

High density profile foam topper providing a firmer level of comfort and support.

 at thickness: 
      Price: £

Reflex Superior Medium egg crate foam topper

Reflex Superior Medium density profile foam topper for a soft luxurious feel.

 at thickness: 
      Price: £

Reflex Superior Firm egg crate foam topper

Reflex Superior Firm density profile foam topper, for a medium luxurious feel.

 at thickness: 
      Price: £

For those who dislike the heat that standard flat memory foam toppers can generate, egg-crate foam toppers - also known as mattress comforters or ripple overlays - are a much more ideal alternative solution. Convoluted (egg-crate) foam mattress toppers are suitable for side sleepers or individuals who suffer from joint pains, such as hip pain, lower back pain, & sciatica. They are also vastly used in the healthcare sector, more commonly in hospitals for patients recovering from surgery, as they significantly reduce pressure & bed sores.

Customer's FAQs about Egg-crate foam toppers

As one of the UK's leading foam suppliers, we have put together some of the most commonly asked questions we have acquired over the years that may be useful for you. However, if you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact our team for further advice.

What is egg crate foam used for?

Egg crate foam for mattresses are used as a mattress topper for additional comfort and support.

What is the benefit of egg crate mattress toppers?

The primary benefit of egg crate mattress toppers is that the structure of the foam design allows air to flow underneath you whilst lying down on them for long periods, preventing bed sores and pressure sores.

What is egg crate foam?

Egg crate foam can be made from any type of foam that has been profiled to form the egg crate shape.

Do egg crate mattress toppers face up or down?

Generally, the peaks of an egg crate mattress topper should be facing upwards, allowing the air to flow between the foam peaks, keeping you nice and cool.

How is egg crate foam made?

Egg crate foam is made from polyurethane foams.

Is egg crate foam safe?

Yes, eFoam's egg crate foam toppers are produced from high-quality, anti-bacterial, hypo-allergenic foam and comply with the Furniture & Furnishings fire regulations 1988 & amendments.

Is egg crate foam better than flat?

Egg crate foam is becoming a more popular choice in the top comfort layers of a mattress as they are more responsive and have cooling advantages. However, flat foam toppers can also provide comfort and support.

Is egg crate foam good for your back?

Egg crate foam toppers are the most popular purchase for those who suffer from back problems; this unique design creates a softer feeling and can relieve pressure when used on top of an existing mattress that you find too firm.

Can you wash egg crate foam toppers?

We recommend using an all-purpose cleaner in a spray bottle that doesn't include bleach and a damp cloth for general foam cleaning. See our blog for more information on how to clean foam.

Is egg crate foam suitable for pets?

Egg crate foam for your pets beds is an ideal choice for those with pets who suffer from back or hip pains, arthritis, and thinner breeds with more prominent bones—the design of the egg crate foam cushions pressure points.

Can I order the egg crate foam size I want?

Efoam can cut all foams to size; if you can't see the size you require, please contact our customer service team, who will be more than happy to accommodate.

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