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Foam cut to size and shape

Please click on the shape below that closely resembles what you would like to order. Next you will be asked to enter the dimensions of your shape. Finally you will be offered the choice of foam type and wrapping and the total price, always including VAT and FREE delivery.

How do I order foam shapes? Take a look at our simple five-step guide below.

  • Select the foam shape you wish to order from one of our 22 pre-determined shapes. If you require a custom shape, please select the ‘Odd custom shape’.

  • Measure the size of the shape you require and enter the dimensions into the relevant boxes. If you are ordering cushion insert replacements, ensure to measure the size of the cover, not the old deflated foam insert. For guidance on measuring your item, hover above the ‘touch for more guidance’ button above your selected shape.

  • After selecting ‘get price’, choose the type of foam you require. If you are unsure of the recommended type/grade for a particular purpose, please contact us, and we can assist.

  • Select any additional products. For example, we recommend the use of stockinette for all upholstery/sofa cushion replacement foams to make them easier to insert into covers.

  • Place your order and complete your purchase using our secure, encrypted online payment system.

Does eFoam offer cut to size foam near me? Yes! Our useful online tool makes ordering custom foam shapes easier than ever. At our dedicated facility, we offer a high-quality, value for money cutting service that caters to all unique requests and requirements.

We offer pre-made shape templates for you to choose from where you can enter your measurements. If you need a bespoke custom shape, we provide a fast and efficient service for bespoke cut foam, tailored to your needs. Whether you require a single piece or multiple components, eFoam can help.

eFoam fulfils every order and customer enquiry with accuracy and efficiency, ensuring that every product provided is to the highest quality and available at an unbeatable price. We’ve been in the foam industry for over 20 years, with many of our technicians having been with us for a decade or more.

Custom cut to size foam has a range of uses, including bringing a sofa or armchair back to life, DIY upholstery projects such as window and alcove seating, the replacement of fibre-filled cushions, the creation of foam camping or campervan beds, and much more. For individuals seeking custom foam items for a DIY craft or upholstery project, eFoam is at hand to provide personalised guidance. This includes assistance with choosing appropriate dimensions, and other components you may require, such as Polyfibre/Dacron and stockinette undercovers.

Some of our specialist cut to size capabilities include the supply of acoustic foam for those looking to soundproof areas of a specific room shape. You may require bespoke ‘egg-profile’ convoluted foam, bass traps and flat foam sheets for such purposes, all of which can be custom cut to any size. Likewise, we also offer foam for boating, with Pyrosorb-S Class 0, closed-cell polyethylene and reticulated polyether filter foam being the most popular. Elsewhere, eFoam also supplies technical foams for commercial upholstery purposes, such as those found in planes, trains and cars.

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