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Reflex Foam

Reflex foam cut to size and shape, are available in a huge range of densities, spanning from REFLEX 240 to REFLEX 500 and can be cut to size & shape. Like standard polyurethane foam, the higher the density, both the higher the durability and quality of the Reflex foam. The density of Reflex foam chosen is always dependent on the end goal of the product – a basic quality mattress for example, or a high-end luxury mattress.

But how do Reflex foams differ in composition when compared to standard polyurethane foam? Reflex foam is praised for its higher quality structure that is created without using solid fillers such as melamine. Furthermore, Reflex foams are known to compress at a reduced percentage in comparison to foams of a similar material makeup (such as Combustion Modified High Resilience foam). This is in addition to its greater elasticity, tensile strength and durability when it is in use.

Reflex pink medium foam sheet

Branded Reflex foam, superior upholstery foam with instant recovery. Suitable for a variety of applications such as seating and mattresses. Reflex Medium is a light pink colour and slightly softer than the Reflex Firm.
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Reflex grey firm foam sheet

Branded Reflex foam, superior upholstery foam with instant recovery. Suitable for a variety of applications such as seating and mattresses. Reflex Firm is a light grey colour.
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UK's largest reflex foam supplier

Polyurethane foam is praised for its diverse range of qualities, including its versatility and the comfort it provides when used in foam mattresses. However, in some circumstances, Reflex foam is used as an accompanying component to standard polyurethane foam.

With comfort in mind, it’s not unusual for Reflex foam to be used as the intermediary and/or base foam later of foam mattresses. Whereas many may assume that memory foam is the most popular material for foam mattresses, Reflex foam is a popular supplementary component. It is not as viscoelastic as memory foam, meaning it does not mould to the body as quickly. However, it is incredibly heat retentive with its open-cell structure that traps air and heat. This largely explains why Reflex foam is used as a high-quality base layer for memory foam mattresses.

In luxury memory foam mattresses, Reflex foam helps to bring a range of orthopaedic qualities to the user. Created with larger ‘bubbles’, air is displaced within the bubble instead of being eliminated out of the foam entirely. This means that reflex foam helps a foam mattress spring back into its original shape far quicker. The additional orthopaedic support brought by Reflex foam helps to keep the spine aligned in a similar way to that of a mattress made entirely from memory foam. What makes Reflex foam so popular is that users don’t experience the same sinking feeling that is sometimes felt with memory foam.

eFoam is the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of premium memory foam mattresses that incorporate Reflex foam. Our Deep Sleeper mattresses offer a superior level of comfort at an affordable price and are designed to promote a natural, comfortable deep sleep. Both of these products are supplied with a soft touch Coolmax zip-off cover.

eFoam’s products are designed with quality in mind and we are proud to offer a number of foam products that are enhanced by the high-quality, orthopaedic benefits of Reflex foam. Should you require any further information on any of our products or Reflex foam in general, please contact our friendly and knowledgeable advisers.

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