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Silicone spray multi-purpose high performance

Silicone spray multi-purpose high performance

High performance multi-purpose silicone spray lubricant 500ml Exceptionally powerful multi purpose silicone spray, quick, clean and convenient in its application. Lubricant for hinges, doors and locks etc, treadmills, machinery, upholstery, textiles and much more.
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Efoam's High Performance Silicone Spray Lubricant is exceptionally powerful as well as being quick, clean and convenient in its application.

Not only is our Silicone Spray designed for effective lubrication, the Silicone lubricant also forms a layer of silicone molecules on the treated surfaces to give the surface some waterproof properties. Silicone also protects and restores the shine on surfaces.

It is suitable for thousands of applications whether at home or commercially.

Some of these applications include hinges for doors & locks, treadmills, machinery, upholstery, textiles, friction & heat reduction in cutting & drilling, sewing machines, woodwork, fishing equipment, furniture manufacturing, mould release in injection moulding and much more.

Efoam's Silicone Spray is completely colourless and concentrated. Click here for the MSDS on this product.

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