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Blog article: Closed cell polyethylene foam

Polyethylene foam is a closed cell foam known for being very strong and resilient. It is chemically cross linked, meaning it has been heated and inflated with chemical additives. It is rigid and tends to be used in industrial and commercial applications (shock absorbing, buoyancy aids, packaging, thermal insulation, even acoustic sound proofing and kneeling pads).

Black Closed-cell foam example
    It also has the following properties:
  • Resistant to chemicals.
  • Moisture resistant.
  • Resistant to grease and oil.
  • Impervious to bacteria, mildew and mould.
  • Temperature resistant between -60 and 90c.
  • Wear and tear resistant.

It is available cut to size or as sheets in a variety of thicknesses from 3mm to 50mm. More information on our Closed cell foam page.

What can you do with it?

Aside from the commercial and industrial uses detailed above, it can also be handy in the home.

For example, one of our customers used it to insulate loft doors, here is what she had to say about it: "The upstairs of our house has various cupboard doors and a loft hatch that lead into loft spaces, we found the areas around these doors were cold and drafty, despite us adding more loft insulation. A helpful person at eFoam gave us the idea of using closed cell polyethylene foam cut to size to insulate the inside of the cupboard doors and loft hatch, and this worked perfectly, we intentionally cut the foam to be very slightly larger than the door openings. We got the self-adhesive type so it was just a matter of sticking it to the inside of the doors. The tight fit of the foam makes the doors difficult to open and close but the insulating affect it provided is worth the trouble."  Bonnie, from Leicestershire.


Zotefoam Plastazote foam example

We are a supplier of Plastazote® which is a superior type of closed cell polyethylene foam which has been inflated with nitrogen. It's available in various bright colours and various thicknesses. See our Plastazote® page for more information about this type of foam.

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