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Beach Hut Interior Foam

Beach hut interior foam

A beach hut provides the perfect seaside escape, and with the growing popularity of the ‘staycation’, many beach hut owners are looking for ways to improve their spaces. Given most beach huts in the UK are on public land, there is little that can be done to the outer appearance of the hut. However, there are many ways the inside of a hut can be transformed, whether this is for comfort, decoration, or both.

Before commencing a beach hut renovation project, it’s worth remembering that revamping a beach hut will be different to a garden shed. Beach huts are typically exposed to the elements, and therefore there may be times when the internal space is exposed to water and dampness. If the hut is present on a sandy beach, sand may enter the hut and cause damage to soft furnishings and other finishes. Likewise, a beach hut is typically used in the summer months, which means sun cream is likely to be used and accidentally transferred to surfaces.

For inner furnishings, foam can be used in a range of applications. Should you wish to install a new wall or window seat, high-density polyurethane upholstery foam can be used to create a comfortable yet durable space. However, if you know that you will be entering the hut to dry off after a dip in the sea, it may be best to consider a denser, more durable foam that is water-resistant. Plastazote Superior closed-cell foam has non-absorbent properties yet is similar to standard closed-cell polyethylene foam in terms of feel. Furthermore, it has an excellent chemical resistance, can be easily wiped clean, has good UV light stability, and is both durable and tough.

Beach hut foams

If you prefer to spend your time on dry land rather than in the sea, sourcing a comfortable deck chair may be the top priority. Our upholstery foam is available cut to any size and shape via our online tool and can be sourced in a range of densities depending on your preference. A medium-density upholstery foam typically works best for solid chairs, and high-density foam offers more support if you have a slatted wooden chair.

Floor cushions and mats are popular for those who lack the storage space for deck chairs or prefer a more flexible seating option. Given the mix of dry and wet environments in which a cushion or mat may be used, polyethylene foam is a good choice. Not only is it very strong and chemically resistant, but it is also rigid and resistant to mildew and bacteria. Although not as soft as upholstery foam, it is an excellent option to use directly on a pebble beach or other hard surface.

High-density polyurethane foam is also great for DIY futon beds for those who enjoy camping overnight in their beach hut. We recommend that this foam is ordered in a thickness of 3 to 4 inches, which will provide adequate support on a hard floor. A standard adult single mattress is typically made from two to three square polyurethane foam blocks, which can be cut to size. For more information on foam for futon beds, please read our blog here.

There are many ways beach huts can be customised, and doing so need not be complex. To speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable advisers, please contact us.

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