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Best Foam for Beauty Treatment and Massage Beds

Foam used in beauty and massage salons

The beauty industry is a big business, so much so it has expanded from salon-only offerings to a fully mobile and home-based industry. All service providers are thinking of new products and services to promote, however, many are also considering how they can best improve their current offerings.

Offering quality services and experiences is enabling industry leaders to stand out from the crowd, yet quality extends beyond the treatments that are on offer. For example, offering comfort to customers is key, and many beauty practitioners are considering how to improve and refresh their salon furniture.

Massage and beauty treatment beds are a key staple for any practitioner and are in most cases filled with foam that offers durable yet unparalleled levels of comfort. Standard beauty treatment chairs are frequently supplied with a high-density polyurethane foam filling, similar to that used within an everyday dining chair. For beauty beds – such as those used during waxing and other skin-related procedures – a thicker medium to medium-high density polyurethane foam is often the filling material of choice due to its resilience, comfort, and antibacterial qualities. Foam naturally springs back into shape, but should you prefer a foam filling that is as highly durable, comfortable, and yet compresses at a reduced percentage, Reflex foam may be a suitable option.

Beauty salon foam chair

For massage beds, practitioners often look to more luxurious options given the nature of the treatment. It’s for this reason that memory foam is often the material of choice, with its natural body contouring capabilities offering fantastic levels of relaxation and support. For prolonged treatments such as massages – which can go on for over an hour – memory foam massage beds are best for alleviating any discomfort caused by pressure points due to a lack of movement.

For home-based and independent practitioners, many may be considering more financially economical options. At eFoam, low prices do not mean a product that is lower in quality – we are proud to supply the highest quality products at competitive prices, and can always find the perfect solution for your budget. For standard beauty couches and massage beds, some practitioners may wish to consider sourcing memory foam for head and face rests only and refresh the remaining bed foam with comfortable, high-density polyurethane. This ensures that an added level of luxury comfort and support can still be delivered to your clients.

As massage and beauty couches are popular items, many suppliers are unfortunately cashing in on selling these at a high cost whilst delivering a low-quality product. If you have been a recipient of a beauty couch with substandard cheap foam, eFoam can advise you on suitable high-quality, long-lasting replacement components. With our cut to size capabilities and expert guidance, you need not order more than you require.

Should you wish to speak with one of our friendly advisers for advice on how to order your foam, please contact us.

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