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Foam for SteelPods solutions

Foam for SteelPods solutions

SteelPods – a UK-based manufacturer of sleep and storage solutions for vans – has made an innovative all-in-one solution that incorporates a comfortable, extendable bed with draw compartments for avid campers and travellers. For all campervans using SteelPods solutions - alongside caravans and other trailers - custom-made mattresses and other foam components can be ordered to improve comfort and overall experience.

If you have bought a SteelPods solution for your campervan or a similar combined sleep and storage solution, custom cut to size foam mattresses can be ordered to your exact requirements. The bed size included within a SteelPods set-up measures approximately 1.18m in width and 1.9m in length, and the double bed is typically the same size as most beds found in campervans. Most SteelPods solutions are used in modern VW campervans, such as the VW Transporter. What's different about the SteelPods sleep solution is its innovative design that a team of surveyors and engineers has created. Bespoke cut to size mattress foam can be used on the sliding bed, best known for not needing any legs or hinges.

A thin yet high-density comfortable polyurethane foam can be sourced via our online cut to size tool. This foam provides maximum support, quality, and comfort but is sleek enough to compliment the SteelPods design, which slides over the rear seats when in use. When the solution is folded, it remains flat, so a thinner foam mattress is naturally required. With a choice of either medium-high or high-density polyurethane foam for a custom mattress, you'll no longer need to worry about a bad night's sleep in your camper van! If you would like a firm yet more luxurious feel to your mattress, a high-density foam mattress can be topped with a memory foam layer of foam.

SteelPods Solutions

Additionally, the innovative set-up of the SteelPods solution incorporates lots of storage space such as drawers and cubby holes. When travelling in a camper van, one issue is ensuring that all items are appropriately secured – pots, cutlery, glasses, and more. The deep design of the SteelPods drawers means that custom sized foam inserts can be ordered and cut to keep all items stored safely and organised. We at eFoam specialise in creating custom die-cut foam solutions made from various foam types depending on the intended use. All die-cut foams can be ordered in the depth required by the Steelpods solution or to fit the size of any other storage application.

Debbie from SteelPods very kindly left us the following excellent 5-star review:

"We use Efoam for our Steelpods pull out beds. I can honestly recommend Efoam for their faultless service; the foam is easy to order/pay and unbelievably great quality. Any enquiry is dealt with immediately and also to add, in this current climate, the speed of delivery is refreshingly reliable and quick! Thank you so much, I think this is my sixth order from you now..."

Our custom foam cutting service offers our valued customers a comfortable and high-quality mattress that is sleek and compliments the SteelPods system very well. For more information on how you can use foam across many applications in caravans, campervans and trailers, please take a read of our dedicated motorhome and campervan blog.

If you would like personal guidance or assistance on a custom project, don't hesitate to contact one of our friendly advisers.

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