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Campervan Mattress Foam, Caravan Seating & Motorhome Foam

Know what type of foam is best suited for caravan seating, campervan mattresses and motorhome foam cushions

Campervan motorhome foam

Foam is already widely acknowledged as being a fundamental material in campervans, caravans and motorhomes. From seats and mattresses, to insulation and padding, there are many different types that are incorporated into various parts of a vehicle - some better known than others. The value of foam for these vehicles is more important than ever, particularly as the UK Caravan Industry Report recently found that British people spend approximately 50 million nights inside their mobile homes each year.

For caravan seating, medium-high density polyurethane is the best and commonly used foam as it provides the most comfort in relation to durability - a quality that is particularly important when a campervan or caravan is used on a more permanent basis. It is a fail-safe and low maintenance option that achieves the best outcome. At eFoam, we specialise in providing campervan foam cut to size which is a service much appreciated by a large number of our customers. Campervans, caravans and motorhomes come with chairs and seating in a range of shapes, sizes and depths – all of which we can accommodate.

Campervan camping foam

What type of foam mattress is best for campervan beds?

There are a range of foams suitable for mattresses and at eFoam, we supply several different thicknesses in either solid or composite form. For campervan or caravan mattresses that are used on a daily basis, the most popular choice of foam is a high density foam, or a combination of high density foam and a memory foam topper. The recommended thickness for a campervan mattress is around 4 inches, this could be 4 inches of high density foam on its own, or 3 inches of high density foam with an added 1 inch memory foam topper if you prefer a slightly softer feel. Foam mattresses for campervans and caravans are available cut to size and shape.

For occasional use - such as when you have guests - thinner foam can be used which is softer to the touch. We recommend High Firm foam, which when thin enough can be folded away without compromising on quality. More importantly, it is both comfortable yet able to spring back into its original shape even after being folded/compacted away for a short while. As we provide foam cut to size, we can advise you on perfectly fitting foams that can be folded underneath your sofa within the storage compartment.

Anyone who has stayed in a caravan or campervan in winter weather knows that they can be cold if not properly insulated. To avoid the chill, foam is an excellent form of insulation. We personally recommend Zotefoam Plastazote® superior closed cell foam for generic wall and floor insulation as it is a very good thermal insulator. Caravan campervan motorhome
Furthermore, it can be easily shaped to meet the requirements of certain areas that need insulation. It is also both weatherproof and durable, recovering quickly from impact. However, please note that this particular grade of Plastazote foam is not fire retardant. If you require foam insulation that has fire resistant qualities, please contact one of our knowledgeable advisors who can discuss your requirements.

Should you have any queries on how foam is best used in your motorhome, please contact us. We are also experts on advising the replacement of foam for various motorhome components, should this be required.

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