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Foam Mattress for Camping: Types & Tips

Learn why foam mattresses are a popular choice for camping and things to consider before buying a foam camping mattress.

Foam camping mat

Camping is an exciting outdoor activity, but essential to enjoying it is ensuring you achieve a good night’s sleep. A good camping mattress is portable and lightweight, offering a comfortable sleep solution wherever you decide to set up home.

What types of camping mattresses are available?

There are a range of camping mattresses on the market, all of varying thicknesses, sizes and made from different materials. The most common types include air mattresses, foam mattresses and specialist raised bed solutions such as camping cots.

Air mattresses are suitable for those looking to camp on relatively flat and soft surfaces, such as grass. They are very easy to set up, pack and inflate, and being both lightweight and compact they are a good choice for backpacking trips. A few have built-in pumps, for convenient inflation.

Foam mattresses are a reliable and durable choice and are suitable for a range of terrain, including harder surfaces. Lightweight and easy to pack, they are affordable and can be custom ordered to specification using our online cut to size tool. Luckily with foam mattresses, you do not run the risk of a puncture!

Alternatively, camping cots are raised beds that elevate the sleeper from the ground. Although typically more comfortable than other options, they are bulkier and heavier, and not so easy to transport.

How thick should a camping mattress be?

Waterproof camping mat

The best camping mattresses are usually between two to three inches thick, and foam mattresses of this specification are a popular choice for campers. A thicker mattress will provide better cushioning and insulation and therefore be warmer and more comfortable. Yet a thinner, closed-cell foam mat will be more portable and lightweight, but possibly at the sacrifice of comfort.

Are foam mattresses good for camping?

Foam mattresses are a popular choice with campers given their durability and affordability, and the fact they are both lightweight and portable. They are easy to carry when rolled up and are also able to withstand rough terrain and harsh weather conditions.

Similarly, foam mattresses can be easily custom made and done so at an accessible price point. Some prefer softer mattresses whereas others prefer firmer. You may also wish to combine two foam types or densities to suit your needs. Ordering a custom foam mattress is easier than custom creating an air mattress!

What should I consider before buying a camping mattress?

Before purchasing a camping mattress, you should thoroughly consider the following to ensure you choose the right product for you. First off is size - does your mattress need to fit in a certain tent, and will you be backpacking with it? Ensuring the correct length and width of the overall mattress will be important here. The similar applies for weight too - choose something lightweight if you will be on the move.

Likewise, you should consider the level of insulation for your desired mattress and its overall durability. Camping on rough terrain or in cold weather will require a thicker, well-insulated mattress to protect you from the elements. The overall thickness and material of the mattress will ultimately influence the comfort on offer, so ensure you choose the correct cushioning and support for your body weight and shape.

Camping Mattresses Infographic

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