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The Complete Guide to Foam Mattresses Cut to Size

Complete guide to mattresses cut to size

Foam mattresses are a great option for those looking for a high-quality yet low-cost sleeping solution. Available in a range of shapes, sizes, densities and comfort levels, they typically suit everyone. When ordered directly from manufacturers such as eFoam, they can be customised to specific needs too!

What is a foam mattress cut to size?

It’s as simple as it sounds - cut to size simply means a foam mattress that has been custom ordered and made to certain requirements as specified by a customer. Foam mattresses can be custom made in a variety of ways, although the most popular request is for specific bed dimensions, like a size between king-size and super king, for example.

What type of mattresses can be cut to size?

Essentially any type of foam mattress can be cut to size. At eFoam, we offer standard polyurethane foam mattresses to our customers, which can be cut into any shape at all - including a round mattress! These foam mattresses can also be cut to certain depths and lengths, making them great for longer or shorter bed frames that have also been custom made. Memory foam mattresses can also be cut to size.

Benefits of a custom foam mattress

A custom cut foam mattress is a great option for non-standard bed frames or custom made sleeping areas. For example, we at eFoam often receive requests for cut to order foam mattresses for loft beds, bed mezzanine areas within studio flats, and also for sleeping areas in campervans, caravans and boats.

With a foam mattress cut to size, you can ensure that your mattress will suitably fit any given area. Custom cut mattresses are also great for taller individuals who have bed frames that are adjusted to their height requirements.

Foam mattresses

How to cut a foam mattress to size

Given the size of a typical mattress, cutting a foam mattress is often best left to the professionals. At eFoam we use specialist industrial machinery that ensures a clean and accurate cut that does not compromise the quality or finish of the mattress.

For smaller and thinner foam mattresses, such as one used in a small campervan, you may be able to cut this yourself if desired. If so, an electric knife will offer the smoothest cut and reduce the risk of any sheared edges.

How to order a cut to size foam mattress

Ordering a custom foam mattress is incredibly easy. You have the option to use our online cut to size tool, which only requires you to input your chosen dimensions. You can also use this tool to select the general shape of your mattress, whether square, circular, rectangular or something totally custom. When ordering, you can also specify the type of foam you would like, alongside the required density.

Alternatively, you can order your cut to size foam mattress over the phone or by noting your required shape and dimensions on paper. If you are uncertain on where to begin, please feel free to contact one of our friendly advisers.

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