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Cosplay Foam

Cosplay Foam

In the world of cosplay, costumes are becoming ever more complex and detailed. As a result, avid cosplayers are looking for new ways to achieve intricate designs in their DIY costumes. From foam and worbla (thermoplastic with wooden chips), to caulk and HDPE, there are plenty of materials that can be used to achieve the perfect costume or effect. One common issue is knowing which tools to use in order to create the end result, and most importantly, how to use such tools at home.

A cult tool in the cosplay scene is the Cricut. It is brilliant for creating and cutting repetitive patterns, such as those displaying a chainmail or scale-like effect. When using the Cricut, we recommend the use of Plastazote foams. This type of foam is closed cell polyethylene and is blown with nitrogen, which in turn gives it tough and flexible qualities that quickly bounce back into shape – perfect for costumes. It is particularly popular for costumes that include armour, for example. It is also very affordable and of high quality, and is often textured and available in many colours. Your required Plastazote foam can be ordered using our specialist cut to size tool, or is available as a foam sheet.

To use the Cricut machine in order to create a scale effect, we recommend the use of a knife blade for a more precise cut and Plastazote foam that is 2-3mm in thickness. Using the Cricut Design Space tool, you can create your desired pattern, or alternatively download one from online. With your Cricut machine, we suggest using a foam sheet that is no larger than 29cm x 58cm otherwise the foam sheet will go beyond the dimensions of your cutting mat and will also be difficult to secure in place whilst cutting. Next, proceed with securing your foam to the Cricut mat using a removable sticker sheet (not masking tape).

JM Puppets cosplay design

After taping the edges of the foam to the mat, attach your knife blade. This type of blade requires full supervision whilst the cutting takes place, and does take a little longer than a deep blade, however the effect is far superior. After putting your foam sheet and mat into place, select the ‘Basswood 1/16’ setting on your Cricut machine and proceed with the regular programme settings. Also use the ‘default’ pressure setting for the cut. Next, move both of the star wheels to the sides of the machine, so one wheel is on each end, in order to protect both your cutting mat and foam. Proceed to then load the mat using the arrow button, before pressing the cut button.

It is worth noting that the knife cut pre-setting ensures the foam is cut fourteen times. You may not need as many, so be prepared to pause mid-cut using the ‘C’ button. Once you are happy with the cut achieved, press the arrow button once again to release the foam and mat, and proceed to remove your foam from the removable sticker sheet holding it to the cutting mat. Repeat this cutting process for as many times as you need in order to create the perfect costume part!

For detailed guidance on how foam can be used for Cosplay or other costumes, please contact one of our friendly advisors.

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