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How to Make a Foam Headboard | DIY Foam Headboard

foam headboard

Our beds ensure a lot, and the same goes for their accompanying headboards. When sitting up in bed, it is surprising as to how much wear and tear a headboard endures, and soon enough, they may not be looking as good as they once did. Furthermore, many headboards are usually created to a specific design that was on-trend at a given moment. Times and preferences change, and you may be looking to replace the upholstery foam in your headboard in addition to changing its outer fabric and design.

Refreshing an upholstered headboard is the perfect opportunity to get crafty and bring a fresh new look to an existing product whilst minimising waste. DIY upholstered headboard is also the perfect answer should you be short on cash to buy a new one. A new headboard isn’t always necessary, and those who know how to reupholster and replace the inner foam themselves can save a considerable amount of money.

We recommend replacing old, worn-out headboard foam with a Soft-Medium density polyurethane foam depending on the thickness required. Headboard made out of Polyurethane foam is the most durable and is considered as the best foam for headboard should you spend a lot of time sitting up in bed. Alternatively, use of memory foam to make headboardmemory foam is praised for its orthopaedic comfort and is considered to be the luxury choice of foam. At skin temperature, memory foam softens on contact and moulds itself to the shape of the body. It is therefore an excellent choice for those wanting to sit up in bed without the need for additional cushions; it can be incredibly comfortable on its own.

It is very easy to create a DIY foam headboard. Firstly, remove all outer material and old foam from the wooden or plywood underboard. If you would like to keep the existing material from your headboard, be sure to unstitch it around the edges at the seam and remove carefully. If your headboard is patterned with a quilted stitch, the removal of the fabric will be a little more difficult and intricate as every stitch will need to be undone. Importantly, you will need to reattach the fabric back to the new foam and underboard in the same pattern, otherwise pre-existing stitch holes will be visible.

custom foam headboard

After selecting your cut to size foam headboard, use a spray adhesive to attach it to the plywood. Once secure and dry, take the fabric batting and pull this over the foam sheet and plywood. Do remember that your fabric batting should be two inches wider all around than your foam and headboard. Once you have pulled the batting over, secure it in place with staples. To attach the outer fabric, repeat this process with the fabric of your choice and ensure that all edges are pulled tight and neatly finished off.

eFoam is the leading provider of foam for both DIY and commercial purposes and we are more than happy to advise you on the appropriate foam, including dimensions, to refresh a foam headboard. Please contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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