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How to care for your foam cushions

Polyfibre dacron foam cushion

There are several things you can do to care for your foam to keep it plush, firm and at its best. Taking care of your foam will help it last longer and protect any fabrics filled with foam. When ordering your cut to size foam from eFoam, we recommend the following...

1. Add a polyfibre (dacron) wrap to your foam

A polyfibre (dacron) wrap will prolong the life of your foam, particularly if it's used to fill cushions. Polyfibre (dacron) will also make your foam cushion extra plump for a luxurious and comfortable finish.

Polyfibre (dacron) is a polyester material that eFoam can bond directly to your cut to size foam. This prevents fabrics from direct exposure to foam, reducing friction and therefore, reducing wear on the foam cushion and cushion covers.

Foam seats and cushions without polyfibre or dacron wrap will look flat with straight edges and corners. The polyfibre (dacron) rounds out cushion edges slightly and fills the fabric covers to give cushions a more even appearance for an aesthetically pleasing finish. Hence, polyfibre / dacron wrapping is widely used for both seat and back cushions in the furniture/upholstery industry.

2. Add a stockinette undercover

foam with stockinette

A stockinette undercover is an elasticised material that stretches over the foam cushions to help them keep their shape, whilst making it easier to fit foam inside cushion covers and makes it easier to remove them from your outer fabric covers.

When combined with polyfibre (dacron), a unique, machine stitched stockinette undercover helps to generate some friction inside a cushion cover, whilst allowing for glide on the outside. A stockinette will hold your foam cushion in place, whilst making it easy to slide a cushion out from the fabric.

3. Keep foam clean & dry

Foam acts like a sponge, drawing liquids in and squeezing them out when pressure is applied. You can further protect your foam cushions with a silicone spray, which will also make it easier to slide cushions covers over your foam. Silicone spray will provide some waterproof properties to the foam and prevent the build-up of mould and bacteria caused by moisture.

Add polyfibre (dacron) and stockinette undercover to your eFoam order. When ordering eFoam cut to size foam, polyfibre (dacron) and stockinette undercover's are available as optional extras and can be added as part of our cushion refilling service.

We recommend polyfibre (dacron) and stockinette undercover's for preserving the shape and firmness of your foam. Plus, these additions make it easier to remove cushion covers for cleaning and prevent fabric abrasions.

For more information about polyfibre (dacron) and stockinette undercover's, talk to our foam experts. Call us on freephone 0800 043 9990 or email us.

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