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Foam for bathrooms

Foam for bathrooms

Though you may not think it, foam plays an important and useful role in many bathrooms. Despite the majority of bathrooms now being built with tiled flooring, some bathrooms may still have carpeted flooring, and individuals may also seek a similar soft-touch feel despite having installed a stone or hard floor solution. Foam in these cases is naturally seen as being the more hygienic option - due to its material properties (being resistant to bacteria) and due to the fact that a bath mat is easily washable.

In addition to underfoot comfort, foam is used in a variety of products that seek to make our bathroom experiences safer. For example, many prefer the use of specialised bath mats made of foam and rubber components instead of a wholly material option, such as cotton. Closed-cell polyethylene foams such as EFP30 and Plastazote are both waterproof and non-slip due to their lightly rubberised characteristics. In turn, these foams make the perfect component for a bath or shower mat that is intended to improve safety.

Foam bath pillows

These closed cell polyethylene foams are not limited for use in bath mats. For example, these foams are commonly used for shower mats, in bathroom hoists, and in general floor mats for wet rooms. For individuals looking for a simple solution to improve the grip on wet room floors, then foam mats are a simple easy to maintain solution that is non-invasive and wipe clean. What’s even better is that these foams are all available cut to size from eFoam, meaning that your design and appearance considerations need not be a worry!

In addition to closed cell polyethylene foams, memory foam and other open cell foams are also used in a variety of applications. However, such foams are not intended for use in situations where they may become saturated with water, such as when used as a bath or shower mat. Furthermore, as these open-celled foams naturally retain water, we tend not to recommend them for submerging into the bath as they are not waterproof. Instead, open celled foams are an excellent choice for bath pillows and other indirect supports when covered with an appropriate waterproof cover.

Foam seat pad for bath/shower

If you have a favourite bath pillow design or shape, you can also use our handy cut to size tool to replace its foam insert when required. Simply insert your required measurements, select the necessary foam, and prepare for its delivery. In the meantime, it is worth sourcing an appropriate waterproof yet comfortable fabric to cover it. For example, a waterproof-lined polyester fabric would be most appropriate, which can then be easily stitched and fastened with plastic poppers or a sewn-in zip.

Foam also plays an important role in bathroom accessibility and it is commonly used within home bath lifts and hoists. Typically made from plastic with an added foam-based seating component for added comfort, these seats naturally deteriorate with their daily use and will need replacing in time. However, those with specialist conditions or comfort needs may require additional foam supports added to their hoist system, regardless of its age. For this, an eFoam representative is available for a friendly chat to discuss your needs in relation to your bathroom hoist system.

For knowledgeable advice on a range of bathroom foam applications, please do contact us.

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