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Foam for Dollhouse Interiors

Dollhouse foam

Creating model villages and intricate dollhouses is a therapeutic hobby and pastime for many. Over the years, the techniques and materials used to create realistic small-scale scenes have continued to develop. People have made realistic landscapes and building exteriors with simplistic materials, specialist spray, and hand paints. Likewise, others turn their hands to miniature soft furnishings to make their dollhouses and similar creations as realistic as possible.

Designing and decorating a dollhouse can be as simplistic or as complex as one desires. For children, simple designs provide the opportunity for customisation and to be imaginative. On the other hand, professional model makers and adults who enjoy building intricate dollhouse scenes can use advanced techniques to create detailed furnishings and more.

With a bit of creativity and an eye for craft, high-quality yet low-cost polyurethane foams can be used as the basis of many furnishings and other elements in dollhouse scenes. For example, foam can be specially cut to size to create intricate furnishings, such as miniature cushions, bedding and more, which can be upholstered in the desired fabric. To create small furnishings, each piece of foam can be cut to size, or you may prefer to order a flat sheet of a chosen foam, in which each component is then stencilled on and cut out using a craft knife. A deeper foam sheet can be ordered to create round cushions, giving you additional room to carve out curved edges using a craft knife.

Foam used for dollshouse crafting

Using foam, you can also create realistic floorings for dollhouses and similar model villages. Incredibly thin, soft-density foam sheets can be ordered and placed on a dollhouse floor and then covered with felt or similar material to create a realistic plush carpet. Alternatively, foam can also create additional features such as a chimney breast that is then appropriately secured and painted. Simply order a piece of foam in your required width and depth, and ensure that it fits snugly between the floor and ceiling of your desired dollhouse room.

New foam sheets and other components do not need to be ordered each time. If you are open to being creative and receiving a mix of small foam parts, then ordering a bag of our foam offcuts is a great way to receive several foam pieces at a fraction of the cost. Foam offcuts are simply, as the name states – leftover cuts from our cut to size jobs. This is an incredibly environmentally friendly way to update and reimagine your dollhouse. None of our foam pieces ever go to waste – being recycled this way is a win-win for all!

Foam can also be used to create outdoor scenery for your dollhouse. Foam offcuts can be shaped using a craft knife and then prepared and painted to make bushes, trees, rocks and more. You can affix these to a piece of plywood to have a fixed base or freely place them as desired to change the landscape. Foam sheets can also be ordered and then carved into to create rocky and uneven landscapes, such as rock pools, streams and more.

For more information on creating dollhouse interiors and exteriors with polyurethane foams, please contact one of our friendly advisers.

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